Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap

Anime Expo 2018 was a hot one both literally and figuratively! Temperatures this weekend reached over 100 degrees but that didn’t stop cosplayers from showing up with their best! Anime Expo is North America’s largest Japanese pop culture convention. This weekend we met people who flew in from all over the country to share their love for Anime, Manga, and other aspects of Japanese Otaku, or nerd, culture! You can always tell what Anime is most popular based on what cosplays you see most at AX so we went on the hunt for this year’s best anime and cosplay trends!


My Hero Academia Cosplay

I went into this weekend definitely expecting cosplays from My Hero Academia to be the most popular, but I had no idea exactly how many I would see! Everywhere we looked we saw people dressed in UA High’s school uniforms, gym uniforms, hero teachers, and hero students! Deku and Bakugou were definitely the most popular characters, but that didn’t stop cosplayers from getting creative and putting their own spin on the characters!


IMG_0186 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Enemies or best friends? These Bakugou and Deku hero costumes are awesome!


IMG_0199 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
CDreamerCosplays in her original Maid Deku design


IMG_0201 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Ice Cream Props styled as other My Hero Characters!


IMG_0216 (1) Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
An amazing Space Hero Thirteen cosplay by Just Kennedy Cosplay

Classic Anime Cosplay

There may be tons of new characters to cosplay, but there are plenty of classics that never get old! In a sea of new characters, you’ll find cosplays from books, shows, and movies dating all the way back to the eighties! Cosplayers jump at the chance to take characters from their younger years and bring them to life as adults!


IMG_0219 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
This cosplayer braved the heat to show off Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist


IMG_0225 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
It’s the 20th Anniversary of Cowboy Bebop and the Spike Spiegal cosplayers were out in full swing!


IMG_0226 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Guts from Beserk with his classic, massive sword!


Non-Anime Cosplay

Just because it’s an Anime con, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to Anime characters! At AX you can cosplay whatever character from whatever fandom you hold dear! You might even spot some cool mashups, memes, and original character designs!


IMG_0187 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
The Force is strong with these two Old Man Luke and Rey cosplayers


IMG_0223 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Wendy’s Hamburgers anyone? The Fast Food Mascots as Anime Characters Meme is still going strong!


IMG_0213 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Sakythia in DVa’s BVa skin from Overwatch


IMG_0217 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Pink Lars aka Captain of the Off Colors! An amazing Steven Universe cosplay!


IMG_0224 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Classic Garnet from Steven Universe makes an appearance!


IMG_0220 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
A beautiful Te Fiti from Moana


IMG_0198 Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Recap
Static Shock bringing the nostalgia!


AX 2018 was full of talented cosplayers. From professional cosplayers known as Cosplay Senpai, to new cosplayers trying out costuming for the first time! It’s a great event for cosplayers as there’s an entire section dedicated to the craft! Whether your cosplay needs repairs or you want to get photos on the fun scene sets, AX is ready to make your cosplay experience great! Ready to try it? Plan a trip to AX 2019!



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