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How to Host a Game of Thrones Viewing Party


“Game of Thrones” is one of the hottest television shows right now. It’s caused real life conversations by the water cooler in workplaces across the country. It’s also caused millions of live tweets each time the show airs. If you and your friends love watching the popular HBO series then you should consider having a viewing party. It’s a fun way to watch an episode (or full season) of “Game of Thrones” together. It’s like going to a convention or a medieval dinner, but you’re spending it in the privacy of your own home.

  1. Buy your favorite season of “Game of Thrones” or wait until the episode next airs. Schedule your party around that episode or when you would like to watch the full season together. Figure out your friends’ schedule so that you can appropriately plan your party.
  2. Invite a small group of friends who enjoy watching the show. Select the friends that you’re close to and who you know love the show as much as you do. It’s more fun when you share the same ideas and interests. Only invite up to 6 friends. Anymore than that and it can get quite noisy. You don’t want to have to tell people to keep quiet while the show’s playing.
  3. Create invitations, if you want to get crafty. You can make your invitations look like the covers of the popular books. You can also add your own touch with fun snowflakes and dragons.
  4. Inform them to dress like the characters on the show. You can recreate the characters by wearing medieval or fantasy-style costumes. The Huntress Adult Costume (#N11053) and Goddess Minerva Adult Costume (#F123384) are great options for women. Men will love wearing the Royal King Adult Costume (#RG80251) or Medieval Knight Adult Costume (#F131254).
  5. Style each other’s hair. The infographic below will teach you how to style your hair like the ladies from “Game of Thrones.” If you’re not good with hair, you can just select one of the many wigs and masks from Pure Costumes.Game-of-Thrones-Hair
  6. Decorate your house for the party. You may want to decorate the “viewing room” or your whole house. You can make snowflakes or dragons out of construction paper. You can also have props such as a “GoT” grapevine or an Iron Throne. You also can’t go without weapons and armor and swords and shields at your party!
  7. Get some food for your party. Tell your friends to bring their own dish. You may want to make dragon eggs for snacks and heart-shaped cookies for dessert. Don’t forget the drinks! You may want to include some wine and beer on the menu.
  8. Set out all the dishes and drinks in the “viewing room” or TV room. Hand each of your friends a snack and drink before the show starts. Kickback and talk about your day before the show starts. As your friends arrive, tell them to turn off their cell phones.
  9. Turn off the lights and make sure there are no distractions, like nosy relatives. Turn to HBO or place the DVD into the player and press “Play.” Now you can all enjoy the “Games of Thrones” together.

If you need more costume and party ideas, check out Pure Costumes’ selection of Renaissance (click here) and Greek costumes (click here) that are perfect for any toga party, renaissance fair, or Halloween party.

Infographic Source: Healthy Hair Plus Site

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