San Diego Comic Con 2023 Cosplay Recap

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the largest comic and pop culture expo IN THE WORLD! It’s no surprise that when it comes to cosplay, people bring their largest and best to show off. However this year brought an extra, unexpected factor to the mix.

Less than a week before the show, the SAG-AFTRA union announced actors would be striking against tv and film studios. Due to the strike, actors are unable to attend the show to promote their shows or films. This announcement came shortly after it was announced that due to the WGA strike, many major studios cancelled their presence at the convention. Without appearances from out favorite actors or panels held by major studios, Comic Con will look a lot different.

To add to this huge change, many cosplayers who are in SAG, eligible to join, or plan to join in the future were encouraged not to cosplay from any of the involved studios. With less than a week to plan new lineups, many cosplayers were unable to bring the huge builds they were planning, or didn’t cosplay at the con all together.

Although this year looked different cosplayers still did their best to bring their A-Game! We went to San Diego for weekend to hunt down amazing cosplays to share with you!

There were so many Barbies over the weekend but we only saw one Ken!
A fun Stan Lee genderbend
An Owl House super group
The Everything Everywhere All at Once fandom is still going strong
Bo Katan from The Mandalorian
Genderbent Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead
Apocalypse Captain Planet Mashup
Dazzler from X-Men
Reva from Obi Wan
Namor and Okoye from Wakanda Forever

Despite the unusual conditions, cosplayers still had a great time at this year’s show. We can’t wait to attend next year to see what amazing cosplays will be on display!



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