Your Guide to Con Season in the USA


Con season is fast approaching! If you’re new to the world of nerdy conventions, con season refers to the time of year when most Comic and Pop Culture conventions occur. Although there is no official start and end to con season, most of the major cons happen from May to October. Here is a list of the major cons you will hear about all season!


Sandusky, OH, May 31st-June 3rd
Your Guide to Con Season colossal con

Every summer thousands of comic and pop culture fans head to the middle of Ohio with their bathing suits. Why? For ColossalCon! ColossalCon is becoming one of the most talked about cons in the country due to it’s unique location at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center. A location that contains a huge water park right in the middle! Cosplayers from all over flock to this convention for the opportunity to create unique swimsuit versions of their favorite characters. The con’s special venue allows for many types of activities including a formal ball, gaming tournaments, robot fighting, and even a game of dodge ball! There’s a little something for everyone!


Anime Expo

Los Angeles, July 5th-8th
Your Guide to Con Season anime expo

It’s already the North America’s largest Japanese pop culture celebration and it’s growing every year! If you’re a fan of anime, manga, J-Pop, Kawaii fashions, or any part of Japanese pop culture, Anime Expo is the place to be! Over 100,000 fans from all over the country travel to the heart of downtown Los Angeles for this 4-day convention. At Anime Expo you can find everything from film screenings, maid and butler cafes, dance parties, fashion shows, J-Pop concerts and tons and tons of fan art and merch! Be sure to get your badge mailed to you, so you aren’t stuck waiting at the infamous Line Con!


San Diego Comic Con International

San Diego, July 19th-22nd
Your Guide to Con Season sdcc san diego comic con
Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

You can’t mention Con Season without talking about the most anticipated comic and pop culture convention in the world! With 48 years of experience and over 160,000 people from around the world attending the show alone, San Diego Comic Con is a legend! SDCC has become the place for all the major entertainment companies to announce upcoming projects and give exclusive sneak peeks, making this con a must see event! SDCC sells out in minutes every year, so better plan to attend ahead of time or you may miss out! Couldn’t get a badge? Luckily SDCC can’t be contained by the walls of the convention center! All of downtown San Diego will transform into a hub of pop culture with major entertainment companies setting up free pop ups and one of a kind fan experiences!


Dragon Con

Atlanta, August 30-September 3
Your Guide to Con Season dragon con
Photo by U. V. Photography

Dragon Con is the convention all the photographers want to attend! If the massive convention spanning four hotels in downtown Atlanta weren’t enough, Dragon Con features a private event at the Atlanta Aquarium! Cosplayers jump at the chance to bring out their water inspired cosplays for some cool photos and drinks under the glow of giant fish tanks. This multimedia convention focuses on sci-fi and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film! The wide range of topics makes Dragon Con a truly unique experience!


New York Comic Con

New York City, October 4th- 7th
Your Guide to Con Season nycc new york comic con

San Diego Comic Con’s fastest growing rival had around 200,000 people attend last year! New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture convention in the country and it’s still growing! To wrap up con season, this event brings thousands to New York City even sometimes in temperatures below freezing. As the event grows in popularity, many major entertainment companies have began splitting their announcements and exclusive releases between the New York and San Diego shows. It’s the perfect end to the crazy time that is Con Season.


Once Con Season is over, there are a couple Winter cons here and there to wrap up the year. Many cosplayers and con goers take a break and start preparing to do it all over again the next year!

Have you been to any of these cons? Are there any you want to go to? Let us know in the comments below!



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