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The 2018 Oscars are coming up on March 4th. It’s time to celebrate all of our favorite movies that have been released in the past year. If you’re anything like me, you:
(A) LOVE movies. I LOVE movies, big productions movies, small production movies, even movies that are actually terrible but they’re so terrible they end up with a cult following.
(B) really enjoy planning parties.
Considering the previous statements about myself, it’s very surprising that I’ve actually never thrown an Oscar Watch Party. I did some brain storming, because an Oscar party sounds like a lot of fun, and I came up with a few great ideas to help you host your own Oscar Viewing Party.


First, have some fun Oscar related activities planned for your guests. To start, I designed this handy printable for you and your party guests to make predictions on Oscar winners. You can view and print it here:

Oscar Predictions Printable

Host Your Own Oscar Viewing Party 2018 Free Printable


You can’t have a party without food. You can just make your favorite dish or snack, and give it a pun-ny name that’s related to one of the nominees. Some examples we have come up with:

Boss Baby Back Ribs – Find your favorite recipe for baby back ribs and enjoy.
The Shape Of Water-melon – Use cookie cutters or melon ballers to create fun shapes out of watermelon.
Meryl Chicken-Streeps – Fry up your favorite chicken strips with sauces and your friends will be impressed.
Mac N’ Three Cheeses Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Get your favorite mac n’ cheese recipe to create a delicious treat.
Beauty and The Yeast – Put your baking skills to the test and whip up your favorite fresh bread recipe
War for the Planet of the Ape-ple Pie – For dessert, get out that favorite apple pie recipe, don’t forget a scoop of Coco-nut ice cream…or your favorite flavor that pairs with pie.

If you want to serve cocktails, you could go with the Denzel Washington Apple or Daniel Kaluuya and cream.

If you’re not so punny, but you’re looking for unique snacks to serve your guests, you can try a movie favorite with a twist, like these 7 Popcorn Recipes for Oscar Night.

Throw Your Own Oscar Viewing Party 2018 food

If you want to make fun edible awards for your guests, get out your rolling pin and apron to make these adorable Awards Night Sugar Cookies.

Throw Your Own Oscar Viewing Party 2018 Free Printable sugar cookies food


Throw Your Own Oscar Viewing Party 2018 Freee Printable

Lastly, make a fun dress code. You can party in your pajamas, or dress to the nines! You can even dress up as your favorite celebrity or movie character. Be sure to check out for inspiration and fun ideas.

What movies do you think deserve to win a gold statue this year? Let us know in the comments below.



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