How To Celebrate Halloween With Social Distancing

Halloween is, hands down, my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, I love when the weather starts to change, and I absolutely love the decorations. 2020 has been a wild ride of a year so far and has forced many of us to get creative with how we can continue to do social activities while still practicing social distancing. Celebrating holidays such as Halloween this year will be no different. I did some brain storming for family friendly ideas to stay spooky this Halloween, hopefully one of my ideas sparks some creativity for you. Here are some of my Halloween social distancing ideas.

Candy Scavenger Hunt


Unfortunately, there have been restrictions nationwide this year for trick-or-treating depending on where you live. If you don’t quite feel safe taking your children door-to-door, plan a candy scavenger hunt at home! Similar to hiding Easter eggs, hide pieces of candy around your home or property to entertain your children. Or, get creative and make a treasure map to make a game of it!


Halloween Social Distancing

For me, the appeal of Halloween is that everything is so spooky and it’s fun to dress up. But let’s be honest, most kids are just in it for the candy. In addition to decorating your home and planning a fun night in with your kids, get a fun themed or character pinata so they can still run and collect their candy for the night.

Themed Baking/Cooking

Halloween Social Distancing

If you’ve been brushing up on your baking skills through quarantine, Halloween is the perfect time to put those skills to good use by baking up some delicious vampire bat or witch hat shaped sugar cookies. If you prefer breads over sweets, bake up a festive loaf of pumpkin bread. If you have children, dress up in costume and have them assist you in character to make it extra fun. Caramel or candied apples also make for a fun festive treat that are quite simple for little helpers to make.

If you’re not the baking type, just plan a fun themed dinner for your kids like making their cheeseburger look like a jack-o-lantern, or making a meatloaf that looks like a hand.

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Social Distancing

When I was a kid, it was yearly tradition to carve a pumpkin the night before Halloween with my mom, and I looked forward to it every year. I have carried on that tradition as an adult, and it’s still something I look forward to every Halloween eve. As an alternative to carving, grab some acrylic pants and let your children paint whatever kind of spooky or silly face they can dream of. If you carve your pumpkin, don’t forget to save your seeds for baking a healthy tasty treat!

Movie Time

Halloween Social Distancing

I always love to wind down my Halloween night with a scary movie, but I realize that’s not entirely family friendly. Thankfully there are plenty of family friendly Halloween movies out there to sit back and enjoy with your little bugs and ghouls. Some of my favorite family friendly spooky movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Monster House. Thankfully nowadays streaming services will typically assemble a recommended viewing list of holiday themed favorites to make it easy to find the perfect Halloween movie to wrap up your night. Find yourself some comfy skeleton pajamas, grab your popcorn and candy, and call it a night.

Care Packages

Halloween Social Distancing care-package

If you have little ones that you care for that don’t live in your household, consider sending them a care package for Halloween. Some ideas for things to send in the package include:

  • Their favorite candy or snack
  • A Halloween themed movie
  • Spooky puzzles
  • Board games, playing cards
  • Halloween-y socks
  • A fun mask

I hope my Halloween social distancing suggestions help you and your family to still get the most out of this unusual Halloween holiday season, hopefully this helps spark some ideas of your own. Who knows, maybe in a few years your children will tell you that your hard work made for their best Halloween ever. Enjoy the holidays and have a safe and healthy Halloween!




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