DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

It’s very unfortunate that schools have been closed due to safety precautions regarding Covid-19. For High School seniors, I’m sure this has been very difficult as they are not getting a proper prom or graduation. Thankfully we live in a technologically advanced time in which we can still do things like video chat with one another. Being stuck at home myself, I’ve enjoyed video chatting with my family and friends. My friends and I have even set up virtual game nights, which have been a lot of fun! This gave me the idea of doing a DIY paper mache masquerade mask, which is a popular accessory to wear for prom season. I thought it would be an exciting crafty activity, and it might be fun to share for a virtual prom or just for dress up.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Items Needed

  • Empty 1 gallon milk jug (cleaned and labels removed)
  • Scissors
  • Crafting blade (like a box cutter. BE CAREFUL!)
  • Elastic band or ribbon
  • Newspaper
  • Plain white paper (printer paper)
  • 2 cups all-purpose non-bleached baking flour
  • Water
  • Acrylic paint + paint/decor supplies

I have most of my supplies pictured below.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Step 1 – Cut the Milk Jug

Use your scissors to cut your jug in half lengthwise. I’m making my base a bit small because I’m trying to shape it for the style of masquerade mask that doesn’t cover the full face. From there, use your crafting blade to cut out spaces for eyes and holes on the sides for your ribbon/elastic at about ear height. I have my base posted below.
DIY Paper Mache Masquerade MaskDIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Step 2 – Paper Prep

Prep your supplies to start making for base layer of your mache. Take a few sheets of newspaper and cut or rip them into strips as seen below. Also rip pieces of your blank white paper. You will need enough newspaper for 3 layers of and you will need enough white paper for one layer.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Step 3 – Layer the Paper

Lets start on a layer! Whisk 2 cups of flour with 1 cup of water to create a paste for your paper. Add a bit more of either if needed to create a glue-like consistency.

Dip your newspaper strips, one at a time into your paste and lay them horizontally on your mask, be sure to avoid covering the holes you’ve cut into your base. Your finished layer should look a bit like this.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Mine is very messy, as this is my first time ever making something like this. Leave this to dry. If you need to store your paste while you’re waiting on your first layer, cover your bowl and refrigerate. When you’re ready to use it, remove the cover and microwave for 1 minute.

For your second newspaper layer, lay the strips on your mask vertically, and the third layer should be laid horizontal again. Your fourth and final layer will be of the solid white printer paper and should be laid on the mask vertically. Once your mask has dried completely, it should look similar to the image below.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Step 4 – Remove the Milk Jug

Remove the milk carton backing from the mask. I used my crafting blade and scissors to clean up the mask to the shape I want as well as cleaning up rough areas around the eyes and the holes for my ribbon. This is my first mask, so it was a bit messy.

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Step 5 – Decorate

It’s finally time to decorate! I started by using acrylic paint to paint the mask white for my base, since the flour mix left my mask with a yellowish hue. Once my white paint was dry, I added my ribbon and I used silver and red glitter glue to add some personality to my mask.

My finished product:

DIY Paper Mache Masquerade MaskAltogether, this DIY paper mache masquerade mask was a really fun project. It’s a fun idea for if you want to get creative for a virtual prom, or even just for a fun project with friends to see what you come up with. I also think this is a great idea for a simple creative project for kids. It might not fit or look perfect, but it’s got personality and I’m proud of it.

If this seems like too much work, you could always just browse through our selection of Masquerade Masks.



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