Disney Superhero Mashups Part 2: Villains

Even heroes need to take a break from being good all the time and take a walk on the wild side! These mashups are the perfect way to show your love for two fandoms at once and have a costume like no other! Today’s theme is characters dressed like villains!

Rapunzel as Harley Quinn

I’ve always been a huge fan of Rapunzel’s signature frying pan weapon and recognizable long blonde hair. I figured it was a perfect match to Suicide Squad Harley’s signature baseball bat and classic blonde pigtails! To bring the two together, match Harley’s Suicide Squad outfit, jewelry kit, and makeup kit with Rapunzel’s long golden braid for a fun mashup! Don’t forget your frying pan weapon!Rapunzel as Harley Quinn Disney Superhero Mashups Villains


Tony Stark as Gaston

Tony Stark and Gaston definitely have the biggest egos out of everyone in their two universes. Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, knows he’s an awesome guy. If he were to dress up as any character in the Disney universe it would have to be someone equally as awesome. Luckily for him there’s Gaston. No one’s slick as Gaston! No one’s quick as Gaston! No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston! Wear Gaston’s outfit with the Tony Stark facial hair set and Colonial wig for a mashup no one ever thought they’d see. Carry around an Iron Man mask or wear Iron Man’s repulsor gloves for an extra touch of Iron Man in the costume.

Tony Stark as Gaston Disney Superhero Mashups Villains


Jasmine as Catwoman

No other Disney princess loves cats like Princess Jasmine. I mean she even has a Tiger, the ultimate cat, as a pet! She would mashup purrrrfectly with Catwoman! Jasmine is the princess of Agrabah and she’s tired of all these cheesy male suitors showing up trying to marry her! Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle is a villain with an appreciation for cats and all things shiny! Sometimes she shows her good side and saves the day but not when there are sparkling jewels involved. Jasmine’s sultry alter ego she used to distract Jafar will match perfectly with Catwoman’s seductive style. Match Catwoman’s catsuit and accessories with Jasmine’s signature hairstyle to make this mashup happen. Add a whip or genie bottle as an extra prop.

Jasmine as Catwoman Disney Superhero Mashups Villains



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