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Cool Ways to Upgrade your Costume this Year

If you’re the creative type, you’re probably looking for a fun new way to mix up your Halloween costume this year. Sometimes, it’s not the costume that makes the outfit but the accessories which take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, after seeing year after year of the same old costume, it’s nice to see a new take on the classics! Here are some easy tips on how to upgrade your costume this year.

Add a mask. It’s kind of surprising how much of a difference one item can make. Masks are a great way to put your own twist on your costume this year. You can go for alluring with a masquerade mask, scary with a monster mask, or even silly with a funny mask. Here are some examples below.

Polyvore - Upgrade your costume 1

Polyvore - Upgrade your costume 2

Go steampunk. If you follow costume and cosplay trends, you’ll know that steampunk is one of the fastest growing genres on the scene. One easy way to put a unique spin on your costume is by giving it a steampunk makeover. We covered this in a previous post when we gave a gypsy costume a steampunk makeover (here), but you can do the same to just about any costume. Just add the right accessories like a top hat, goggles, aviator hat, belts and pouches, and a cane.

Wig out. Don’t settle for a halfway costume this year. Imagine a Cruella de Vil costume without that signature two-tone do or a Marie Antoinette costume without a tall powdered wig. It just wouldn’t have the same effect. Adding the right wig can really bring your look to life, especially if you’re dressing as a specific character. Don’t be afraid to experiment though. If your character has a certain color, try mixing it up with a wig of the same color but with a different style.

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Rise from the dead. Just as you can add steampunk elements to an old costume, you can add ghost or zombie elements to just about any costume. Have an old Disney princess costume at home? Re-create the character as if she were a ghost. You can also re-imagine your favorite superhero as a zombie just like Marvel did with their Earth-2149 alternate universe.

Arm yourself. The right weapon can make all the difference with your costume. It would be a little weird to see a Jedi Knight without his lightsaber or a Spartan warrior without a sword and shield. These subtleties can really upgrade your look. Not to mention, they’re fun to play with!

With these simple tips, you can really take this year’s Halloween costume to the next level! Do you have a costume tip to share? If so, tell us about it in the comments section!

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