Budget-Friendly Halloween DIYs

It’s no secret that holidays can put a dent in your pocket. Luckily, we’ve got some great budget-friendly Halloween decorating ideas that you can DIY. All you need are some arts and crafts supplies and recycling! Best of all these simple crafts are the perfect activity for you and your kids to do as a family! (Isn’t it great to kill two birds with one stone?)

Apothecary Bottles

Source: TwoCraftyPaws.hubpages.com
Source: TwoCraftyPaws.hubpages.com


If you have a few bottles or old jars in your recycling bin, then this craft is super simple! You can find some downloadable printables online for apothecary labels online. You can find a set of free ones here.  Just print the images onto label paper, peel and stick, and voila! Add a little extra spin on them by adding colored water. I also saw some eyeball ping pong balls and plastic spiders at the Dollar Tree which you can use to fill the jars as well.

Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Toilet paper rolls are the perfect recyclable for children’s crafts and they sure come in handy for this simple DIY decoration. Start by wrapping black construction paper around the roll and punch a hole for the string on one side. Push in one side of the roll to create pointy ears, keeping in mind which direction you want the bat to hang. Create bat wings using the construction paper and glue them on. Then you and the kids can have a fun time decorating the bats faces with googly eyes and teeth. You can hang the bats randomly around the house, or line them along a string to create a garland.

Bloody Candles

Source: Topito.com
Source: Topito.com

For those who want something gory, try melting red candle wax over white candles to create the look of bloody candles. You can then set them around the house to create a spine-shivering aura. My favorite place to find cheap candles is at the Dollar Tree or at Ikea. Unfortunately they don’t sell “rotting flesh” scent so I guess vanilla and apple will have to do.

Mason Jar Luminaries

Can we start off by saying we love, love, LOVE mason jars? They’re just so useful and versatile! Just look at our previous post on how many ways you can use them for a party (here). If you want to put a festive spin on them for Halloween, you can start by gluing colored tissue paper onto them. You can use orange to create jack-o-lanterns, green for Frankenstein monsters, and white for mummies. Once the tissue paper has dried, you can decorate their faces using construction paper and other supplies. Lastly, stick candles inside and use them to light up your home.

With these fun and cheap Halloween DIYs, you can create a festive home for less! If you are looking to save on your Halloween costumes too, be sure to shop at PureCostumes.com for a great deal. Do you have a great Halloween DIY idea that you’d like to share? If so, leave us a comment below!

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