The Great Gatsby and Our Favorite 1920’s Costumes

The highly anticipated Hollywood spectacular, The Great Gatsby, opened in theaters this past weekend to much positive review. So much buzz has been generated on account of an A-list cast, stellar soundtrack, and captivating plot, but the one thing that has garnered the most attention has definitely been the costumes. The fabulous outfits seen in the film have inspired designers and stylists everywhere, spurring an obsession with 1920’s fashion. Flapper-inspired details have been evident in all kinds of women’s fashion, from dresses to hairpieces to shoes and more. Even Tiffany’s has launched a jewelry line in honor of the film. Without a doubt, the 1920’s have become as hip and modern as 2013.

As a Halloween costumes retailer, we’ve always loved the roaring twenties with its over-the-top feathers, beads, sequins and frills. In celebration of The Great Gatsby, we’ve put together our very own list of favorite 1920’s costumes. From jazzy flappers to suave mobsters, nothing captures the spirit of the roaring 20’s like these costumes and accessories. If you’re planning your own Gatsby party or 20’s soiree, then be sure to read on for some fantastic costume ideas!

The 1920’s birthed a new generation of progressive women known as flappers. Back in the day, these women were bold, independent, and carefree. There’s no doubt that flappers have paved way for the modern women of today with their progressive attitude. Unsurprisingly, their clothing was just as lively as their personalities, with elaborate details and provocative cuts. Women also chopped of their hair and wore it in a short bob to break away from tradition. Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker of Fitzgerald’s cherished novel both encompass the youthful spirit of a flapper and now you can too, with a flapper costume dress like the one below. Just don’t forget the wig, cigarette holder and feather boa!

Boop Boop A Doo Adult Costume

But women can’t have all the fun. In the 20’s, the men were dapper as ever too! Unlike today, suits were a requirement at any function. One of the more potent themes in The Great Gatsby revolves around the economic prosperity of the time. Nick Carraway moved to the East and settled in prosperous Long Island with much hope of striking it rich in the financial sector. Like many other young men during his time, he believed that money was plentiful and just waiting to be found. You too can fit right in with the young professionals of 1920’s New York City by putting on your best suit and throwing on a classy fedora (like the one below). Remember, as long as you talk the talk and walk the walk, no one will dare to question your swagger!

Felt Fedora Hat (Black)

Although it isn’t blatantly obvious in The Great Gatsby, the 1920’s were also known as the Prohibition Era. During this time, when society’s values began to shift dramatically, a large group of concerned Americans fought to outlaw liquor. As a result, America saw the beginnings of bootleggers, mobsters and organized crime. The Great Gatsby only briefly brushes upon the Prohibition, but we can’t overlook the prominence of it. Gangsters and mobsters were so eminent during the 1920’s that society adopted a “no ask, no tell” attitude towards them. Gatsby rose to the elite through mysterious means, but he was accepted into the world of the rich because of his extravagant lifestyle. While he inspired much gossip, he was able to stay just under the radar by portraying himself as a typical upper-society man with frivolous hobbies and outlandish spending habits. You too can take on the role of a self-made rich man of the 20’s at your next costume party. But unlike Gatsby, there’s no need to hide your own criminal identity, so grab one of our mob boss costumes and start bootlegging your own liquor!

Mob Boss Adult Costume

With so many 1920’s costumes and accessories to choose from, we know you’ll be inspired to throw your own Gatsby-worthy party. Whether it’s at a real mansion or at your apartment, you can still look spiffy and glamorous! Live frivolously and get ready to party like it’s 1922!

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