Easy DIY Cosplay for ComicCon 2014


The countdown for ComicCon has begun! Folks will be dressing up in all kinds of incredible, cool, and sometimes strange costumes. If you’re planning to get in on the fun but haven’t quite figured out your costume yet, we’ve got some great DIY cosplay ideas for you. Whether you’re looking to recycle an old costume or throw together a quick costume look, we’ll show you how to attend ComicCon in style.

This cosplay look is so quick and easy, anyone can do it. Take a cue from a classic by dressing up as Super Mario or Luigi (here). With our Super Mario costume kit, all you need is a red top and overalls to look the part.

This next cosplay look is a little bit of a cheat. If you’ve got an old comic book character costume lying around (here), take your outfit to the next level with makeup! Apply a Lichtenstein-style design to your face and skin using a dotted pattern to look like a real-life comic!


Guys can put together a quick look too. Channel your inner X-Men hero (here) just by adding claws and a wig! Wolverine keeps it casual with just a tank top and jeans and so can you! Just add the right accessories and you’ll be ready to go.


With these quick costume ideas, you’ll be sure to have a great time at ComicCon. For more costume ideas, be sure to visit us at PureCostumes.com. Also find us on Pinterest for plenty of costume inspiration. If you’re attending ComicCon in costume this year share with us your look by sending us a tweet (@PureCostumes) or posting it to our Facebook wall!

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