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Superhero Party Activities


Superhero-themed parties are becoming more popular than ever. No longer are parents reserving the theme to decorations and birthday cake toppers. Kids are getting dressed up to celebrate with superhero costumes (here)! If you’re planning a superhero party for your child this summer, then decorations and costumes are just the first step. Planning the right party games and activities will send your party soaring to a whole different level. We’ve decided to share with you some of our favorite superhero party activities to help you with your party planning.

Suit Up Station

Suit up Station. Let’s face it. Even if you put a request to arrive in costume on the invitation, not everyone will do so. That’s why a “suit up station” is a great way to get everyone involved in the party. Provide a selection of basic capes and felt masks that you can either make or buy. Guests can choose capes and masks to create their own unique disguise.


Target Practice

Once all the superheroes are dressed and ready for action, give them a little superhero training with a target practice game. An easy way to do this is to stake balloons to the ground and tape faces of villains onto the balloons. With a Nerf gun, water gun, or frisbee, give each kid a turn at hitting as many targets as possible. Score each kid by how many targets they hit and offer the winner a prize!


Collect the Kryptonite

We happened upon this game while browsing party planning websites. It’s simple and fun and kids of any age can participate. Set up the game by crumpling green construction paper into balls. Scatter them throughout the yard and send the kids to collect as many as possible. The child that collects the most wins.

Save the Civilian

Now it’s time for the superheroes to put their training to the test with an obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course with various challenges and split up the kids into two teams. Two volunteer civilians will need to be saved and each team will have to work together to save them.

These fun superhero party ideas are a great way to provide entertainment to your guests. Best of all, they’re so easy to do! For more party ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest. Do you have a superhero party game that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!

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