Renaissance Party Series: Medieval Masquerade

According to historians, the Renaissance era is said to have begun during the late 14th century in Italy right after the period of the Middle Ages. When I think about the history and culture of Italy, I think about art. It’s in everything that they do, from architecture to paintings to music and especially celebrations. It is most apparent in the artistry and craftsmanship in Venetian masks which is the inspiration for this Renaissance party theme. During that time period, masks were used for theatrical plays and most commonly associated with Carnival. However, you don’t have to wait for Mardi Gras season to throw a masquerade party; especially when it’s Renaissance fair season! Host your own medieval masquerade with these easy tips.


Invite your guests to attend in their best Renaissance costume (here) along with a Venetian mask (here) for their disguise. For the food, I would recommend a cocktail party with an Italian flare! You can serve Italian wines like moscato, pinot grigio, sangiovese, and chianti. Appetizers are a quick and easy way to feed your guests. You can serve things like an antipasto platter, bruschetta, caprese salad, and meatballs. Create an ambiance with classical music to transport your guests to the Renaissance period. Carnival is known for the extreme costuming so you can also include a costume contest and have a little fun with the theme. Lastly, enjoy the evening and have fun.

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