Costume Upcycle: Twilight Fairy to Rave Fairy

Welcome back to the Costume Upcycle Series! In this series I will take a few of our oldest costumes from the clearance section and will either style or alter them in a new way that fits current costume trends! Click here to see what costumes I will be altering! Each edition of the series will increase in difficulty in skill level. For this edition we’re starting off super easy! Let’s get started with the Twilight Fairy Costume!

Costume: Twilight Fairy


Difficulty level: Super Easy

Crafting skills needed: Basic sewing skills or know how to use safety pins/double sided tape


Being the first of the upcycle series, I decided to make this costume re-do extremely easy. No sewing skills are needed. This one is all about sizing. The iridescent colors and tattered hemline reminded me of the 2000’s fashion revival that’s going on right now. Especially at music festivals and raves. I decided to turn it into a Rave fairy and style it similarly to outfits you’d see at festivals like Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival.



Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy
Source: Instagram


Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy
Source: Buzzfeed


Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy
Source: Lush Makeup Ideas


After searching the internet for inspiration I found three things I wanted to base the look off of:

  1. Festivals are usually in the desert or during the summer. It’s going to be hot. People are usually in as little clothes possible or covered up to protect their skin from the sun.
  2. If you aren’t dealing with the blinding sun, you’re most likely standing in a field with flying dust and dirt. Eye protection is key. The more fun and unique the better!
  3. Space buns! I just love the hairstyle and it’s easy for me to recreate.
  4. Bright colors and glitter are always a plus

The Result

Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy
BRB, looking for the next stage to hit

After gathering everything I needed, transforming the costume was as easy as hiking up the dress. I did some jump tests and it did stay up without falling back down into a dress, but it did make an awkward fold. You can easy secure it by sewing or safety pinning it down or with double sided tape. I used Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy

I decided to lose the choker and glovelettes just because I would not want them in the desert heat!


Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy


So what do you think? Am I ready for Coachella 2020?


Costume Upcycle Series: Twilight Fairy



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