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Sanderson Sisters Cosplay from Hocus Pocus

The Disney expo, D23, is this weekend. Not only that, but San Diego Comic Con is the weekend after that. I thought it would be fun to come up with a cosplay idea that would work for either event or even both if you’re going to be lucky enough to attend both. There are so many Disney cosplays out there that I decided to come up with something that we don’t see very often. So I resorted to one of my all time favorite movies, Disney’s Hocus Pocus. See below to see my Sanderson sisters cosplay from Hocus Pocus!

diy winifred winnie Sanderson Sisters Cosplay from Hocus Pocus

Winifred “Winnie” Sanderson
Winnie, the oldest of the sisters and their leader, wears a purple dress with a green coat over it. I chose the Renaissance Lady costume for it’s color and also the lace-up detailing in front that perfect matches Winnie’s dress. Our Green Camelot Cape perfectly complements the dress. As for the hair, this Red Queen Deluxe Wig resembles Winnie’s hairstyle to a tee. Complete the look with a broomstick and a pair of witch shoe covers and you’ve got yourself the perfect Winifred Sanderson cosplay.
diy mary sanderson sister cisplay from hocus pocus

Mary Sanderson
To recreate Mary’s look, I chose the Tavern Witch costume which features the same purple that Mary wears. I paired it with Red Hooded Cloak which perfectly matches the one Mary wears. Mary’s hair is distinctive in that it’s tall and twists to resemble a witch’s hat. I chose Beehive Wig for it’s height and it can easily be cut or styled to the same as Mary’s. Finally, a pair of witch shoe covers complete the look.

sarah Sanderson Sisters Cosplay from Hocus Pocus

Sarah Sanderson

The last sister also happens to be my favorite, Sarah. Sarah’s dress consists of browns, reds, and purples so I thought the Peasant Lady costume would be a great match. Our Deluxe Velvet and Satin Purple Cape is the perfect accessory for when she goes outside. The Long Luscious Costume Wig is Sarah’s exact hairstyle and a pair of pirate boots complete the look.

So there you have it. The Sanderson Sisters Cosplay from Hocus Pocus. If you’re planning on going to D23 or SDCC, let us know what you wore in the comments below!



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