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New Steampunk Costumes by California Costumes

This year, we’re excited to bring aboard a bunch of new styles for our steampunk enthusiasts. We know that for a lot of cosplayers, steampunk is one of the hardest looks to achieve mostly because there are no specific characters to emulate, and also because of all the details required of a steampunk outfit. That’s why we’re so impressed with the new steampunk costumes by California Costumes. Not only can we rely on the quality of California Costumes, these designs have so much detail that any steampunk fan will be impressed. In previous years, their Steampunk Girl design has been a huge hit and with even more styles for the 2015 year, we’re sure that you’ll love these designs just as much as we do.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

For the designs, you’ll find classic Victorian-inspired design elements that are common with steampunk costumes. These includ puffed sleeves, bustle skirts, and corset-style waists for the female designs, and vests and top hats for the men’s. These costumes also have strong steampunk imagery including faux leather buckles, clock gears, pouches, and goggles. All of these designs elements perfectly capture the look of the Industrial Revolution with a modern touch.

These new steampunk costumes are perfect for those who have always admired the genre, but have never gone so far as to create their own look. This is especially true for the steampunk fan that does not have enough experience to sew a fully structured costume. Since 18th century clothing patterns are not so easily found, these authentic looking designs are a real treat!

What do you think about these new steampunk outfits? Let us know by leaving us a comment and come back every Friday to see more new exciting Halloween costumes for 2015.

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