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Counting Down to the Iron Man 3 Movie Premiere!

Comic book lovers, rejoice! The newest installment of the Iron Man saga is scheduled to premiere this weekend and is said to be the biggest and baddest yet! With new suits and new villains, how could anyone not be excited? To celebrate the release of this latest Marvel film, we’re taking a look at our favorite new Iron Man 3 costumes. If you have a costume party to attend in the near future or are planning early for Halloween, then you’re going to want to take notes!

With the Iron Man series and The Avengers being a huge success, we know that watching Iron Man 3 is going to be a family affair. Any child old enough to bring to the movie theater will no doubt be able to register the full awesomeness of Iron Man. So why not make it an even more special experience by letting your little superhero dress up in one of our new Iron Man 3 costumes? You can bet your young ones will enjoy the film even more with these super cool toddler costumes!

Marvel Iron Man Mark 42 Muscle Toddler Costume

For boys who are crazy about the high-flying hero, our children’s Iron Man costumes are sure to impress. Not only do we carry Iron Man; we’ve also got the mysterious new Iron Patriot costume as well! Though we’re unsure of his role in the movie, we’re sure that Iron Patriot will be a cool new superhero for kids to look up to. Best of all? This one lights up! (But don’t forget to turn off the light during the film!)

Marvel Iron Patriot Muscle Light Up Child Costume

Grown-ups don’t have to sit on the sidelines! Don’t feel shy about dressing up to the movie premiere; you know all the die-hard fans will be doing it! Our new Iron Man skin suits are sleek and stylish, just like a real Tony Stark creation. Just be sure to take off the mask when enjoying the film!

Skinovations Iron Man Bodysuit Adult Costume

There are only three days until Iron Man 3 is out in theaters, so don’t wait to pick up your outfit. Whether you plan on standing in line for Thursday’s midnight premiere or jetting off to the theaters this weekend, we know you’ll have a blast!

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