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What to Wear: Labyrinth Masquerade Costume Ideas

The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is an exciting annual event in Los Angeles that brings together some of Southern California’s most enthusiastic fantasy cosplayers! This event draws inspiration from Venetian Carnival and combines the whimsical charm of faerie folklore to produce an epic masquerade ball that brings wild dreams to life. We know a lot of our Southern California customers attend this event or plan to this year, but not everyone is as prepared as others. For those who are looking for an amazing last minute costume to wear to this event, we’ve put together some fabulous masquerade costume ideas using products from our website.

Masked Caesar

For our first masquerade costume idea, we turn to Greek mythology. Ancient Greece and Rome have always had a heavy influence in the art of masquerading so for our first look we’ve taken a classic toga costume and paired it with a bauta mask to channel that inspiration. This simple outfit will draw all the attention to the elaborate mask while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Labyrinth Masquerade Costume Ideas_1
Featuring Bauta Mask (No longer available), Caesar Costume, and Roman Sandals

Masked Faun Warrior

Fauns have also been a common part of mythology and Celtic folklore and have been portrayed in a number of ways. They are, however, most popularly characterized as being close to nature and are often depicted as woodland creatures. With this in mind, we paired a costume that has bohemian look with faux animal skins and paired it with a set of deer antlers to create the look of a faun. We also added a studded mask to give the look a bit of an edge. The overall result is the look of a warrior or protector of the forest with an equally strong, yet mystifying look.

Featuring Deer Antlers, Studded Stranger Mask, and Deadly Huntress Costume

Masked Mad Hatter

This next look draws inspiration from the steampunk genre which we sometimes see intersect with fantasy themes. Luckily, most of the costume is already well put-together since the featured Mad Hatter costume incorporates classic Victorian style elements. All we really needed to do was add a mask, so we chose one with a cracked porcelain look which matches well with the overall theme.

Labyrinth Masquerade Costume Ideas_3
Featuring Fallen Phantom Mask, Mad Hatter Costume (Find similar here), and Mens Basic Pant

Masked Dark Fairy

It wouldn’t be the Labyrinth Masquerade without a few fairies in the mix. For our last look, we styled our Dark Angel costume with a grey wig giving the look a distinct contrast. We left out the halo and instead added a black and white mask which just so happened to match perfectly with the entire ensemble. The overall look is eerie and ethereal all at the same time which is what makes this outfit so intriguing.

Labyrinth Masquerade Costume Ideas_4
Featuring Fallen Angel Wig, Falena Mask, and Fallen Angel Costume

With these fun and fashionable costume ideas, you can show up confident and ready to party to the biggest masquerade event in Southern California. Do you plan on attending the Labyrinth Masquerade this year? If so, let us know what you’re planning to wear by leaving a comment below!

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