Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Outfit Ideas

The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is a yearly event unlike any other. Inspired by the masquerade scene in the classic 80’s movie “Labyrinth“, LOJ Masquerade is all about fantasy and the Avant-Garde. For the past 20 years, the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball has combined the traditional Venetian masquerade ball with a world of fantasy.  LOJ Masquerade encourages its attendees to let their imaginations run wild and create outfits drawing inspiration from costuming, movies, and fairy tales. At this event you’re likely to see fairies, elves, goblins, trolls, and detailed outfits inspired by fairy tales and fantasy stories.


Photo via Labyrinth Masquerade


Photo via Violet Hearts Photography


Photo via Violet Hearts Photography

For an event that asks for such over-the-top clothing, costume accessories make the perfect additions! I set out to create two looks inspired by good and evil! Although LOJ is a masquerade ball, masks are not required but I decided to go with the masquerade theme anyway! I created both costumes based off of two of our new masquerade masks.


Evil Eye Mask and Ice Queen Mask

The Dark- Evil Eye

Evil Eye 1

Every good fairy tale has a villain. For my first Labyrinth inspired look I drew inspiration from dark creatures of the storybook world! Our Evil Eye Female Mask was perfect for this look! It even has a male version for couples costumes! Once I had the mask I went on the hunt for dark accessories! I chose a demon spine and collar too add to the evil look. I topped it off with a leather opera length gloves and a long black wig. This outfit will look best with dark makeup such as thick eyeliner, dark lipstick, and high contour!

evil eye 2


The Light- Ice Queen

ice queen 1

Although eerie yet beautiful costumes like dragons and goblins are celebrated at LOJ Masquerade, the light and bubbly costumes like fairies and elves are just as loved. Once I found out we were adding the Ice Queen Mask to our store, I absolutely had to create a look based around it! I knew my dress from my Patronus cosplay would go perfectly with the icy theme. To finish the look I needed a snowy, white wig. I chose the Supernatural Wig in white and grey. This costume would be the perfect opportunity to do something fun with your makeup! Create a frosty look by learning an ice makeup tutorial! I went with iridescent highlighter and lip color because I have minimal make-up skills.

ice queen 2



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