WonderCon 2018 Recap

This past weekend tens of thousands of people headed to Anaheim, CA but they weren’t there for Disneyland! Once a year the Anaheim convention center holds WonderCon, a 3 Day comic book, sci-fi, and film convention. The weekend is full of panels, meet-ups, film and TV screenings, exclusive merchandise, and my favorite: cosplay!

Once again, my crew and I set out to find some of the coolest cosplay at the con!


A stag Patronus, Bread Girl, and Hipster Luna Lovegood are on the hunt!

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DC Sirens
Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy

We started the day running into an awesome DC Sirens group as soon as we made it into the main hall.




Storm, Domino, Black Widow, and a little Black Panther

And soon realized our photos had a group cosplay theme going on! This one featured the cutest little Black Panther!


Belle and Beast
Star Wars meets Beauty and the Beast

This Star Wars X-Wing Pilot mashup with Beauty and the Beast was my favorite of the day. They made their entire costume themselves including the helmets which were resin cast. The book on Belle’s chest even opened to reveal…business cards!


catwoman and storm
Catwoman and Storm

Krystina Arielle Cosplay looked awesome in her red version of Tim Burton’s Catwoman. And Alicia Marie was a beautiful bride dressed in Storm’s wedding dress!


Albus Dumbledore and Professor Sprout

I had to take a picture with the nicest couple ever, dressed as Dumbledore and Professor Sprout. Look at that epic beard! And that Mandrake prop!


Each year, WonderCon gets bigger and better. I’m so excited to see what fun new things next year brings!

Have you ever seen a cosplay that blew your mind? Tell us about it below!



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