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ScareLA 2018 Recap

As summer winds down, Halloween fanatics everywhere are itching to break out their decorations and costumes for the spookiest time of year! Luckily, ScareLA exists to get everyone in the Halloween spirit! ScareLA is the first convention of it kind, centering around Halloween and the fans who love it! There you’ll find industry panels, performances, horror mazes, workshops, and live make-up demos! Here’s our ScareLA 2018 recap!

ScareLA 2018 recap Zombie Ballet
Zombie Ballet!

We headed to ScareLA to get a head start on the Halloween season and get the inside scoop on this year’s spooky trends!

Horror Decor

You know it’s Halloween time when the creepy decorations pop up in your neighborhood! ScareLA was full of creepy sets and mazes where you could get inspired! While you’re there you could even buy your Halloween decorations and special effects!


ScareLA 2018 soldier
Soldiers let us know it was a zombie infected area


ScareLA 2018 hospital
There were lots of creepy sets for photos!


ScareLA 2018 zombie clowns
Run! Clowns!


ScareLA 2018 Christmas skeleton
A ScareLA Christmas


ScareLA 2018 The Nun
Everyone’s excited about the upcoming movie, The Nun!

Scary Make-up

Make-up can make or break a horror costume. A little paint or prosthetics can turn your costume from “sorta creepy” to “absolutely terrifying’! Luckily at this convention, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to learn! You can watch live make-up demos as humans are transformed into monsters right in front of your eyes! Or sign up for a make-up workshop and learn to do it yourself!


Scare LA 2018 zombie makeup
A zombie gets her make-up done


A lizard transformation!


ScareLA 2018 Ghost makeup
A ghostly airbrushed look


Spooky stitches!


ScareLA 2018 cinema makeup school
Killer Croc from Suicide Squad

Little Terrors

Creepy fun isn’t just reserved for the adults! There were plenty of kids at ScareLA getting involved in the early Halloween celebrations!

ScareLA 2018 Anabelle child costume
A tiny Annabelle doll


ScareLA 2018 Jurassic World child
A ferocious dinosaur!


ScareLA 2018 Michael Myers Halloween Child Costume
This kid is ready for the Halloween reboot!

Creepy Costumes

It’s time for our favorite part of Halloween: the costumes! There was so many amazing costumes at ScareLA I couldn’t narrow down who to add to the blog! So I added them all! From classic horror icons to creative original designs, these con-goers brought their best!


ScareLA 2018 Babadook
Beware of the Babadook!


ScareLA 2018 Bride of Chucky
The Bride of Chucky with a Chucky doll of her own!


ScareLA 2018 costumes
Ready for a creepy carnival!


ScareLA 2018 Apocalypse
Even Mickey is ready for the Apocalypse!


ScareLA Fun Witch
This witch is both fun and creepy!


ScareLA 2018 Jigsaw SAW costume
Would you like to play a game?


ScareLA 2018 scary costumes
Skulls! Skulls everywhere!


ScareLA 2018 Zombie pirate
Zombie Pirate in ghostly light!


ScareLA Decayed Brigade
A couple members of the Decayed Brigade!


ScareLA 2018 scary costume
Pretty sure this monster was stalking us the whole time!


ScareLA 2018 horror clown
Ahhhh clowns!


ScareLA 2018 horror costumes
Not sure what this is, but I’m terrified!


ScareLA 2018 the nun costume
The Nun craze continues!


ScareLA 2018 Krampus
Watch out for Krampus!


ScareLA scarecrows
Stitches and Twigs the Scarecrows!


ScareLA 2018 creepy clowns
Aghh more clowns!


ScareLA 2018 Tall Creature
A 7 ft tall creature! Get the mask here


So… have we convinced you to join us next year?! We hope so!



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