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Infographic: The Greatest Comic Book Couples of All Time

Comic books are full of action and adventure, but they’re also filled with romance. Plenty of couples have been introduced in comics. There’s Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson, Scarlet Witch and Vision, Cyclops and Jean Grey, but yet there are some romances that have made a mark with every reader of all ages. These comic book couples might not stand the test of time, but they have shown us that whether you’re a godlike superhero or a man dressed as a bat, love will always find you.

Comic Book Couples Infographic

Superman & Lois Lane

A man who can leap tall buildings in a single bound together with the greatest reporter on Earth. They’ve been a couple for more than 70 years that it seems like they’ve faced everything you can imagine; even Superman’s death and eventual resurrection. Although DC’s New 52 shook things up a bit and broke them apart, we’ll always remember one of the most romantic couples in the DC universe.

Shadowcat & Colossus

As members of the X-Men, these two have a way with finding trouble. It always seems like their happiness is being interrupted by whatever danger they have to fight next. But even with all the challenges they encounter in their relationship, they still find ways to find comfort in each other. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last. However, fans are still hoping that the two will rekindle the old flame that they once had for each other – no matter how unlikely that may be.

Batman & Catwoman

Who would have thought that the no-nonsense and always brooding hero would find love with a known criminal? Catwoman always had a way with the Bat, and ever since the two have crossed paths it seems like there’s always sexual tension between the two. In some versions, (apart from the main universe), this couple actually had a child. Beware, if you dare hurt the woman he loves, Batman will bring vengeance upon you like you’ve never seen before.

Joker & Harley Quinn

Even psychopaths need some loving, as proven by two of the craziest villains in Batman’s Rouges Gallery. Harley Quinn was first made for television by Paul Dini, but just like the Joker, fans loved her so much that she was eventually brought to the comics. They have proven to readers that no matter how crazy you are, there’s someone out there for you. Joker and Harley might do the most insane crimes, but when it comes to romance, these two can even rival the heroes on this list.

Hawkman & Hawkgirl

Cursed to live every reincarnation apart, Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s story is as romantic as it is tragic. This couple may have lived for many lifetimes, but they have proven that once you find your true soul mate, nothing – not even a curse – can keep the two from finding one another. Every time they are reborn, Hawkman retains the memories of his past life while Hawkgirl doesn’t. With that in mind, Hawkman will still soar to the skies to find his true love.

Green Arrow & Black Canary

This couple definitely has had an interesting relationship. They may fuss and fight, but in the end their love is filled with so much passion. In every version, you’ll find that their relationship is quite hectic, yet their marriage was one of the most anticipated events in the superhero community. They may not be together now in DC’s New 52, but their story can still be seen in CW’s live-action Arrow series – albeit with a much more complicated relationship

Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic

The Fantastic Four – one of the longest-running and most famous superhero team in comics – is also home to one of the greatest romances. The team has always been seen as a family, and in that family Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) are akin to the parents. This couple has been together for so long, so it’s no surprise that they’ve had some problems with their marriage. Between their cosmic foes and various complications, they still come back stronger than ever as a couple. Can you say #relationshipgoals?

Which comic book romance makes your heart flutter? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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