Solo Goes Solo In His Own Feature Film

Disney Announced Han Solo film

When I first heard Disney had purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion, I knew their plans for investment-return would be grand. Not only will we be getting a new episode in the ongoing primary saga, we’re also getting multiple off-shoots from that main tale. The stories will elaborate on several characters we’ve all come to love from the long-existing universe. One of those off-shoots will be a Han Solo film. The idea for the story is one that will follow the famous scoundrel through his early years as a smuggler, before he was even a twinkle in the Rebellion’s eye. Or so the interwebs say. No actors have been cast, but the film has its directing and writing crew. The Lego Movie’s Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have been tapped to direct, while Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan will write. The tentative premiere is slated for May 25, 2018.

The other two solo films (excuse the pun) are rumored to be a Boba Fett and a Yoda story, both of which I don’t feel need to happen. Look, I know everyone in fandom loves them some Fett, but I don’t see the need to expand upon his back-story. Don’t get me wrong, I too love the infamous bounty hunter. And aesthetically speaking, his design is really friggin’ cool. But unless there are some amazing tidbits to add that will obliterate everything we know about the man who’s destined to be digested over a thousand years, I’m good leaving his story as is. We didn’t even need to see him as a kid in the prequels. But of course Lucas just had to include him for Merchandising! Merchandising!

And what is there to uncover in Yoda’s past? The prequels already sort of acted as a three-part origin tale for the wise Jedi sage. Unless of course they throw a young brash, Anakin-like, Padawan-learner Obi Wan into the mix. Then I’d be in. Man, now I wanna see this film. Does Disney have a comment and suggestion area on their website?

In this geek’s opinion, the only solo film (wait for it…) worth adding to the Star Wars mythos (wait for it…) is a Solo film (Boo-yah!). If done right, this could have the same vibe as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, with Han in a Star-Lord sorta role. Make it a duo with Chewie and we could even take it in a Rocket-Raccoon-Groot kind of direction. We can explore what a screw-up Han was in his earlier days and finally show how he won the Falcon from Lando. There’s so much bantha fodder (couldn’t resist) ripe for a fun space adventure, it would be a disservice to the franchise to allow such an opportunity to escape without taking a shot at a possible story. As for the thespian who possesses the charisma and chops to breathe life into a young Solo? Well, there’s only one gent who comes to mind. Someone get Chris Pratt’s agent on the phone, STAT!



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