DIY Virtual Costume Events

Now that summer con season is wrapping up and the biggest cons are behind us, it’s becoming harder to find virtual ways to get your costume fix. So instead of waiting for the next virtual event, gather some friends and create your own Virtual Costume Events! Here are a few ideas for your own virtual costume event that’s fun for all ages.

Cosplay Game Night

Virtual Costume Events
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Gather your friends on video chat for a cosplay game night! Get dressed up in your favorite costumes and find a game you can all play together. Games like Taboo, virtual Cards Against Humanity, or Charades are perfect for playing together when you can’t be together. Or download apps like House Party to play games together on your phones.

Renaissance Faire Dinner

Virtual Costume Events

Missing the Renaissance Faire? Have one at home! Host a virtual Ren Faire dinner with your friends. Everyone can make their favorite Ren Faire foods like giant turkey legs, Scotch eggs, fish and chips, and of course lots and lots of Mead! Then join each other via video chat to eat your meals while dressed in your best Renaissance and Medieval costumes.

Princess Tea Parties

Virtual Costume Events
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This one is a fan favorite of princesses in training everywhere! Host a royal ball from home with a virtual princess tea party! Get dressed up in your favorite princess gown and enjoy tea over video chat with your friends. Prepare your favorite tea and snacks to create a full tea party spread. You can even switch it up and make it Alice and Wonderland themed to have your own Mad Tea Party.

Dress-Up Dungeons & Dragons Night

Virtual Costume Events
Source: Gamestop Lost Odyssey Champions

If you miss meeting up with your D&D group in person, make your next campaign epic by dressing up. At the next virtual game night, have everyone wear costumes as their characters! With D&D you can get creative with each class and customize your costume to fit your character. From Bards to Paladins to Fighters to Wizards, the costume possibilities are endless!

Life is a little different now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have costumed fun with your friends! These virtual costume events are perfect for random hangouts or virtual birthday parties. It’s a great way to bring everyone together no matter how far.




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