Creepy Halloween Treats to Try This Year

Halloween is a great time to try out a fun, seasonal recipe. If you’re like a mad scientist in the kitchen like me, then you’re going to want to experiment with these gory goods. From pumpkin-flavored treats to downright disgusting dishes, these creepy Halloween treats to try will get your whole household in the mood for terror.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Creepy Halloween Treats to Try
From Brown Eyed Baker

Sure, you can make pumpkin cupcakes, but what will really take them to the next level is if you decorate them to look like pumpkins! Use your favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe and add some orange food coloring to your frosting. My personal favorite is by the Brown Eyed Baker. When decorating, create a pumpkin look by icing the tops flat and creating lines with a toothpick as if you were cutting a pizza. In the center where all the points meet, add a fake stem using green licorice or a short pretzel stick.

Tip: Bake pumpkin into everything.

Eyeball Garnishes

Creepy Halloween Treats to Try

Fruit makes a great garnish to any sweet recipe and this one is sure to knock your guests off their feet. Pair a lychee (a small Asian fruit that looks like a white ball when its shell is removed), with a cherry to create delicious eyeballs! Just stick a maraschino cherry in the center of the lychee, where the pit is removed, then use these to decorate cocktails, or these as creepy surprises in a fruit salad. Whatever you decide, these little peepers will sure make a fun treat.

Brain Cupcakes

zombie cupcakes brain Creepy Halloween Treats to Try

Just as you did with the pumpkin cupcakes, bake your favorite cupcake recipe along with a batch of white frosting. Add a couple drops of red food coloring to get a light pink hue then fill a decorating bag fitted with a ½ inch round pipe. Create a brain pattern by creating rounded zig-zags on each hemisphere, leaving a gap in the center between both sides. Then add two lines straight down the center and voila! Something to keep the zombies satisfied!

Tip: Serve these at a zombie-themed party.





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