Wow Mom for Less This year!

Most mothers would be happy and satisfied with just a phone call or visit on Mother’s Day, but why stop there? Making mom feel special on this designated holiday doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant and can certainly remain within any budget. This year, instead of breaking the bank for the same old gifts that mom receives year after year, try something new… something unique and personal that she will treasure for years to come.

cheap mother's day gift ideasBreakfast/Lunch or Dinner
Treat mom to breakfast in bed, let her sleep in and enjoy not cooking for a change. Not a breakfast person? Dinner would be a welcome treat for mom too. Don’t spend time and money in a crowded restaurant when you can make a great meal at home. Cook her favorite dish, set the table and put on some of her favorite tunes…don’t forget to clean up too!

cheap mother's day gift ideasGet creative
There’s nothing more personal and unique as a handmade gift. Not only can you make a one of a kind gift, but this is an excellent way to get the kids involved. Use your imagination (or Pinterest!) and create anything from a scrapbook filled with pictures and memories to a personalized “coupon book.” Create “coupons” that are redeemable to things that mom doesn’t usually have the opportunity to enjoy…a night of not washing dishes, an afternoon nap, or even a night off from cooking dinner. Let your imagination work and figure out what mom would appreciate the most

cheap mother's day gift ideasDIY Projects
Consider an easy to make do-it-yourself project such as a Body Scrub. Simply combine Epsom salt, sea salt, lavender oil (lemon or rose water work also!) dried flowers and food coloring. Pour into a jar that you have around the house or buy an inexpensive jar from the dollar store and voila! To make it even more personal, print a special label with and apply to the jar. Grandma will love this too! If the great smelling toiletry isn’t your style, use whatever supplies you have on hand and make mom something from the heart.

cheap mother's day gift ideasMother’s Day Card
Make mom a handmade card this year instead of buying one. Anyone can do this, from the young ones to Dad and she will love the fact that each card is personal, unique and made with her in mind. Something simple with a few kind words or poem or even something super creative, using lots of stickers, appliques, markers and fun craft supplies. This is definitely a gift that mom will keep and hold close to her heart forever.

No matter which gift is given, as long as it’s from the heart, the receiver will cherish it because it will show just how much they are loved. Remember Mom, Grandma, Aunts, Mother-in-Laws or whoever has been like a mother to you this year for Mother’s Day.



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