DIY Costume Face Mask

Now that everyone is wearing masks for safety, it can be easy to blend in with the crowd. Fun printed masks can be a fun way to show your personality but what if you want your personality to shine even more? With so many comic book, video game, and anime characters out there that wear masks, I thought it would be a great idea to mask a face mask that looks like one of my favorite characters. This DIY Costume Face Mask tutorial will show you how I did it and at the end I’ll even give more examples of characters for costume masks you can make yourself!

Step 1: Pick a Character

DIY Costume Face Mask
Source: My Anime List

I looked to the anime world for inspiration for my mask. I decided to base mine off of Ichigo Kurosaki’s Hollow mask from the anime Bleach. The lower part of his mask would make a cool design for face mask! Also the only plain cotton fabric I had was white so it all works out.

Step 2: Make a Face Mask

DIY Costume Face Mask

I followed one of the many tutorials online for face masks but you can also use a pre-made mask that you purchased. Depending on your character or personal preference, you may want a rectangular mask or a respirator style mask. You can find a tutorial for rectangular masks here and a tutorial for respirator masks here. I used a respirator style for my mask.

Step 3: Draw Your Design

DIY Costume Face Mask

I used a pencil to draw the outline of the design on the mask. Make sure to draw lightly in case you make any mistakes!

DIY Costume Face Mask

Step 4: Paint on the Design

DIY Costume Face Mask

If you’re going to wear this on your face you don’t want to use any paint that can be toxic. For this step I used fabric paint but acrylic paint will work as well as long as the label lists it as non-toxic. I used a thin paintbrush. I’m not the best painter but I think I did okay!

DIY Costume Face Mask


DIY Costume Face Mask

Let it dry and you’re ready to head out. I made a small mistake but it still looks pretty cool. Now you’re ready to make a costume mask of your own!

Character Ideas:


Anime has a lot to choose from so I put them all together in a big section!

Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo-ghoul-kaneki DIY Costume Face Mask
Source: AB Posters

Sango- Inuyasha

Sango DIY Costume Face Mask
Source: Comic Vine

San- Princess Mononoke

DIY Costume Face Mask princess-mononoke-screenshot
Source: Vice

Overhaul – My Hero Academia

DIY Costume Face Mask
Source: IMDb

Bane – Dark Knight Rises

Bane DIY Costume Face Mask
Source: Fandom

Spider-Man – Spider-Man

spider_man DIY Costume Face Mask

Darth Vader- Star Wars

DIY Costume Face Mask Darth-Vader
Source: Star Wars

Time to get creative!



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