Balance To The Franchise, JJ Will Bring

JJ Abrams and The Force Awakens

With bated breath we watched; watched and waited for the moment Mr. Abrams would unveil the new Force Awakens trailer during Star Wars Celebration this past April – or at least, we hoped he would. According to circulating rumors over the interwebs, it was likely to happen. After all, why wouldn’t he? This was THEE STAR WARS CONVENTION. As the live-stream progressed onward, fans across the globe were glued to their desktops and mobile devices, praying to the Jedi Order the good sir would answer their – our – prayers. And then it happened. The lights dimmed, and in perfect Force-like harmony, our screens lit up with the new, full trailer; and it was glorious. As only JJ could have made it.

Was there ever any doubt he could deliver unto fandom a vision worthy of the original trilogy? For this geek – not for one second. You see, this is a man who rescued the Trek franchise from eternal purgatory; swooped down in his proverbial Constitution-class starship like James T. Kirk himself and set the decades-old property back into the mainstream-film limelight. He made it fresh and fun. He injected new life back into a series that hadn’t seen a theatrical release since 2002’s Nemesis. Just the sort of filmmaker to put the Star Wars series back on course; and, with a wee bit of fortune, erase the prequels from our long-term memory forever. Based solely on the footage released thus far, the film looks to be on the right trajectory. Abrams has blended together a perfect mix of “new” with the “familiar”. Being a fan of tangible sets and practical effects, he’s harkening back to the original films (which had no other options in those pre-CGI days) and bringing a sense of real-life world-building to this new installment. Something that was sorely missing from Lucas’ last three films. In a period where studios opt to create their tales using computer-generated effects, it’s welcoming to see a director who’d rather take the time to construct his world with nuts and bolts rather than solely ones and zeroes.

The task is a monumental one though. Everything Disney is attempting to do with the property hinges on this film; a tall order even for one as accomplished as Abrams. There is no prize for second place. If he doesn’t knock this one out of the stratosphere, he’ll be facing the wrath of a foe much greater than any the Sith could ever throw at him: Geekdom. I think I’d rather take my chances with Vader.



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