Infographic: The Top 10 Coolest Beasts of Star Wars

Fantastic beasts and terrifying monsters have always been a part of the Star Wars universe often as another hurdle in our heroes’ journey. Whether on an asteroid or on a snowy planet, the heroes always end up facing some kind of creature while on an adventure. With plenty of creatures featured in Star Wars (here), you can probably make a whole website dedicated for this topic. Instead, we have compiled the top 10 coolest beasts of the Star Wars galaxy. (And when we say cool, we mean extremely dangerous and awesomely terrifying.)

Beasts of Star Wars


The Wampa is like a yeti but with horns and claws, making it more dangerous than the average big foot. This giant ball of fur is a creature that appeared in Empire Strikes Back on the ice planet Hoth. What makes this beast so scary for anyone at the bottom of its food chain is that it doesn’t just eat you. It hangs you upside down in its icy cave like fresh meat to be served up for dinner later when it’s ready for dinner.

Space Slug

Here’s a protip for any space-travelers out there: if the cave is slimy, then it’s probably a space slug. These slugs live in asteroids and wait with their jaws open for anyone who unknowingly enters its mouth. According to the Star Wars wiki page, their actual name is Exogorth, but space slug sounds more low-key and inconspicuous, so we’ll call it that.

Krayt Dragon

Who doesn’t think dragons are cool? They’re practically the coolest creatures of myth and legend. This creature lives up to the name by being one of the deadliest beasts on the surface of Tattoine. You wouldn’t want to face this monster on your travels across the desert planet.

Opee Sea Killer

The Opee Sea Killer from Episode 1 will make you afraid of the open sea. Its hard shell and razor sharp teeth can destroy any ship and turn it into tin can. What’s even cooler (or scarier) is that it has a chameleon-like tongue that can reel-in its prey. Once it grabs a hold of you, there’s no escape.

Zillo Beast

This reptilian-insectoid creature is probably a cool creature to have as a pet – an extremely large pet weighing in at almost 60,000 tons. It has everything you might look for in a cool beast. There’s the forked tongue, spikes everywhere, and more appendages than the average person. By the way, its hide is almost impenetrable. Interestingly enough, despite its features it is a peaceful monster that will only wreak havoc when it is provoked.

Sando Aqua Monster

This beast is like a merman on steroids. It’s a predatory creature that can eat any prey with its extremely large mouth. Don’t even try to swim away from this one, as its massive tail and powerful arms can easily chase you down. Good luck ever stepping foot on water ever again.


Tatooine is home to one of the scariest and coolest monsters in Star Wars. Aside from the Rancor and Krayt Dragon, it also has the Sarlacc – a stationary monster that has plenty of tentacles and one giant beak. Perhaps the scariest thing about the Sarlacc is that once you fall into its mouth, it’ll slowly digest you over a thousand years while keeping you alive for that time period. Like a beast with a stomach from hell.


Don’t let its ugly exterior fool you. This creature is one of the scariest creatures of Star Wars. Their pug face and oversized claws will be the last thing you see if you ever encounter one of these. No wonder Jabba the Hutt had one as his pet. They’re scary to look at and efficient in getting rid of your enemies.


The Acklay was one of the creatures that Obi-Wan Kenobi faced in the arena from Episode II. It’s basically a cross between a praying mantis and a crab, with a hint of a carnivorous dinosaur between. Its hard shell is tough to break and the claws are something that you probably would want to stay away from. If that’s not cool enough then I don’t know what is.


Look at that toothy grin. The Nexu is an extremely fast and agile predator seen in Episode II. Not only do they have sharp claws, but they have two tails and four eyes that would be hard to hide from. It’s like a velociraptor with fur and more claws to rip your face off. Awesome!

Which of these amazing beasts is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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