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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland)
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With the debut and passing of this season’s inaugural comic book related feature, Deadpool, we are now en route marching forward and headlong into what promises to be one-heck-of-a-year for Geekdom. I mean, technically, the season began a bit early with Force Awakens; and it could have been slim-pickens for a bit; but like a breath of fresh air, Ryan Reynolds gave us what is quite possibly one of the truest and best-adapted films of all time. Where we go from there is anyone’s guess. But based on the footage we’ve been treated to thus far, and the slew of promotional pieces released, I fear the offerings Zack Snyder has to give with his Batman v Superman behemoth will be little more than something akin to a Roland Emmerich disaster extravaganza. Sure, the fights will be pretty epic, and Ben may bring us a true-to-form Bats. Hell, I’m sure Gal Gadot will shut the traps of all her naysayers when she brings Wonder Woman to life in beautifully rendered, celluloid vibrancy. But will it be the film we’ve been waiting all these many moons to experience? Probably not. No my friends, I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until May for something special again, when Captain America: Civil War debuts – and unapologetically knocks our chones off with the force of a super-soldier-injected punch

Most of us have read Mark Millar’s epic mini-series of which the aforementioned film is based. But what of the source material should we expect from the Russo brothers? Well, we now have confirmation that Spidey will make his rebooted, feature-film debut amongst his long-standing cinematic-universe brethren, compliments of that killer tease following the end of Marvel’s latest trailer (take a gander above if you haven’t already rewound the scene over and over and over again like I have). But how much will the web-slinger be involved? In the comic, as readers know, his role is pretty significant –indispensable most would say. But according to the rumor-mill cranking away on social media, the pervasive consensus is that we’ll only be getting a sampler, a mere tasting to satiate our palates until his solo gig arrives in theaters next year. And will there be a tragic end awaiting one of our beloved heroes? In the comic, our fallen “participant” isn’t any of the major players. But this was a viable option only because the story involved pretty much every single body within the Marvel U. Here in the film, with only a few characters to play with, – all being of A-list caliber – a death (which is also rumored) would be huge. Every teaser and full-trailer we’ve been treated to has flashed the same scene of Tony holding Rhodey in what looks like a death-embrace; but we aren’t foolish enough to think of it as anything more than a red herring, are we, boys and girls? Additionally, will the film be setting up yet another major story arc to be tackled in one of the upcoming features, perhaps Avengers: Infinity War: the death of Captain America?

Whatever the Russos have in store for us, going by the storytelling they provided in their Winter Soldier masterpiece, I’m sure it will be nothing short of spectacular. I mean, they’ve already – in a pretty sock-it-to-‘em way – shown us that, unlike what Snyder is doing over in DC-land, their film can be serious and fun. Just like the scribblers who’ve paved the way for these hermanos to do their thing, they actually get it. Checkmate again, Warner Bros.




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