ICYMI: Star Wars Celebration 2015

If you spent any time on the internet last weekend, it was hard to miss all the hoopla surrounding the huge Star Wars fan convention held in Anaheim, CA. With the newest episode in the Star Wars saga to be released later this year and May the Fourth approaching, this was probably one of the most exciting Star Wars Celebration events ever! I was able to stop by on the last day and check out the event. Here’s a run-down of some of the biggest things that happened at this year’s celebration.

SWCA 2015_1

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

J.J. Abrams (director) and Kathleen Kennedy (executive producer) of the upcoming Star Wars film both appeared on panel on the first day and treated the guests to the first peek at the new trailer. Within minutes, the trailer was available all over the internet. You can watch it here.

Star Wars Battlefront

The preview of the new Star Wars Battlefront videogame made some huge waves in the gaming world, and for good reason! At the show, there was a demo area where attendees can hop into a model X-Wing plane dressed as an X-Wing fighter. They even video the participant during the demo and send a video of them as an actual X-Wing pilot. I’m not a big gamer, but that was a pretty cool way to introduce the game.

Star Wars LEGOs

Star Wars LEGO toys are a favorite of any fan collector. Each day at the convention, there was a free LEGO build which featured a different aircraft from the series. I was able to score myself a free mini Millennium Falcon which was a neat little memento from the show. They also had some great displays of life-sized Star Wars characters made entirely of LEGOs which is not something you often see outside of a LEGO store or amusement park.

Set Displays, Costumes and Props

All over the convention floor were scene sets from the movies including scenes from Tatooine, Jabba’s Palace, and more. Fans formed lines to take pictures in front of some of their favorite scenes. There were even life-sized characters, costume displays, and so much more.

Rancho Obi-Wan Experience

Steve Sansweet is the owner of the largest private Star Wars memorabilia collection and brought some of his treasures to the show. Some of my favorite displays included a Star Wars themed ofrenda. An ofrenda is like an altar to remember the deceased and is often associated with Day of the Dead. This particular alter featured a variety of Star Wars statues and food with such incredible detail. The owner himself was also there greeting fans and signing autographs to raise money for his museum in Petaluma, CA.

Lightsaber Training

Over the Family Room of the convention, there were a variety of activities for the kids, (as well as a place to rest for the parents). The coolest activity hosted in the room was the lightsaber training. They had a Sith lord and a Jedi master teach a routine to the kids and at the end of the training, the kids received a certificate! This was my son’s favorite part of the day!

Art Show

My favorite thing to collect at shows is comic book art. At the convention, they had an art show with some big names who were selling exclusive art. It was cool because you got the meet the artist and even get your prints signed! My kids were able to get a couple of cool pieces to add to their collection.

Yes, it was indeed a glorious weekend for the Star Wars fandom and it seems it may be a while before the event returns to Southern California. The next event has already been confirmed to be held in London! However, you can always celebrate your love for Star Wars by hosting a party of your own any day of the year.

So tell us, were you there too? If so, share with us your favorite part of the show by leaving us a comment below!

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