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historical figures costumes

With President’s Day coming up, I know that many students are working on history projects or school plays that may involve dressing up as a past president or some other historical figure. I thought I’d highlight some of our newest historical figures costumes that are sure to ace your presentation.

US Presidents

Historical Figures Costumes George Washington Presidential Child Costume
George Washington Costume
John Adams Child Costume
John Adams Child Costume
Historical Figures Costumes Thomas Jefferson Historic Child Costume
Thomas Jefferson Child Costume

Of course since it’s President’s Day, I had to present our latest US Presidents costumes. Our newest ones include George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, all three of which are by Underwraps costumes. But be sure to check out the rest of our commander-in-chief costumes for everyone from Abraham Lincoln to our current president.

Other American Heroes

Historical Figures Costumes Lady Lindy Child Costume
Amelia Earhart Child Costume
Historical Figures Costumes Ben Franklin Historical Child Costume
Ben Franklin Child Costume
Historical Figures Costumes Betsy Ross Child Costume
Betsy Ross Child Costume

Of course United States Presidents aren’t the only notable figures from our country’s history. Our past is full of notable people who have contributed much to our nation’s culture. Some of our newest include aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, scientist, inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin, and Betsy Ross, who created the first American flag.

Historical Figures of the World

Historical Figures Costumes Caesar Child Costume
Caesar Child Costume
Historical Figures Costumes Nile Princess Child Costume Cleopatra
Cleopatra Costume
Historical Figures Costumes Napoleon Child Costume
Napoleon Child Costume

Finally, let’s take a look at the rest of the globe for other incredible people who have made their mark on history. I’ve featured Roman dictator Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Be sure to check out the rest of our historical costume for kids that are full of historical figures that have made an impact on the world.



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