What to Wear: Princess Leia Cosplay

If you’re prepping for your Star Wars Day celebration and need a costume to wear, we’re going to show you how to create your own Princess Leia cosplay! Star Wars recently revealed plans for its Princess Leia comic book mini-series which included an updated look for the rebel leader. In the new cover, it shows Princess Leia dressed in a white bodysuit, vest, gloves and boots.
Princess Leia CosplayIn order to recreate her new look, we used our Padme Amidala costume (here) for the bodysuit and added a tan vest and tan gloves for her accessories. You can add knee high brown boots for the shoes. For the belt, you can either create your own, or try to recolor the belt that is included with the costume. Finish off the look with a messier version of her signature hair like in the new comic book and you’re ready to go! This cosplay hack is sure to get you cool points with any Star Wars fan!

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