What to Wear: D23 Disney Cosplay Ideas

D23 is the official Disney fan convention and it’s happening next month at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California. During the convention, Disney showcases sneak peeks of upcoming films, meet-and-greets with Disney celebrities, and new attractions at their amusement parks. They’ll also have exclusive merchandise for Disney collectors to get their hands on. If you’re planning to partake in the magic, we’ve got some easy costume ideas for you! We know a lot of you may want to join in on the fun, but don’t have all the experience or the time to create your own look. To help you with that department, we’ve come up with a few Disney cosplay ideas that anyone can wear!

Snow White’s Old Hag
Our first look is inspired by the old woman that the Evil Queen disguised herself as in Snow White. Any Disney fan knows that Snow White was the first full-length feature Disney film so dressing as this character will land you points with any fan. What makes this outfit so great is the mask which looks just like the character in the movie! Just complete your look with a black cape and a basket full of apples and you’ll be ready to poison any fair maiden!

Disney Cosplay Ideas_1
Featuring Item U29244, Item GH26398, and Item RA5998

Tangled’s Rapunzel

Does your little girl love Disney’s Tangled? If so, she can dress up like her favorite Disney princess with a Rapunzel costume and accessorize the look with a matching wig and shoes. Our favorite part of the outfit is the long braided wig which is decorated with flowers. It reminds us of the scene when Rapunzel finally makes it to the kingdom and gets her hair braided by the village girls.

Disney Cosplay Ideas_3
Featuring Item 70736, Item D59200, and Item D59301

Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear

If your boy loves adventure, then there’s nowhere to go except to infinity and beyond! To get the look, we chose the deluxe version of our Buzz Lightyear costume and completed the look with the matching gloves and jet pack. The entire outfit has a very high quality look and will look great at D23!

Disney Cosplay Ideas_2
Featuring Item D5233, Item D11204, and Item D18043

Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for you! We all thought that the Pirates of the Caribbean saga ended with the last film, but for all our Jack Sparrow fans, luckily we were wrong. If you are a huge fan of the Pirates films, then you can join the like-minded fans at the upcoming Disney convention dressed as Jack Sparrow! With this incredible costume, you’ll have a full ensemble to get you into character. Just add the appropriate weapons (prop ones, not real ones!) and you’ll be ready to set sail.

Disney Cosplay Ideas_4
Featuring Item D5626, Item F8042, and Item D29865

With these fun and easy Disney cosplay ideas, you’ll be ready for the big Disney convention! Let us know which Disney character you plan on dressing as at D23 by leaving us a comment below!

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