The Smart Halloween Costumes Shopper

Each year, millions of people celebrate Halloween by spending millions of dollars on Halloween costumes, wigs, accessories and more. With the rising popularity of this ghoulish holiday, people are now going to multiple parties and events, which means they now need multiple costumes and outfits. Sounds like a headache, right? Not to mention costly and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be, though. As long as you’re smart about your Halloween shopping, you can get through it and still have fun.

Shop Early
Every year, we get customers in October who are frustrated that their first, second, and third choices are sold out. This is why we always encourage shoppers to start early! Many sites have their new costumes for the year up by summertime, so you can start browsing and picking out your favorites months ahead. Here at Pure Costumes, we also offer the option to Pre-order. While it doesn’t guarantee that your order will be fulfilled, it puts you at the top of waitlist and ensures that you get priority when we receive stock.

Read the Policy
Before you make your purchase, always read the return policy. Be sure you know what to expect if you do need to conduct a return or exchange. While Pure Costumes allows returns (with some restrictions), keep in mind that not all Halloween costume stores will. Being familiar with a company’s return policy will save you any headaches later.

Compare Prices
The easiest way to conduct a price comparison is to run a search for the item’s name on Google Products. Simply search using Google, then filter by selecting “Shopping” on the left hand side. While not all retailers show up on Google Products, you’ll usually get a good list of the top retailers in the industry.

Look for Coupon Codes
Just because a company isn’t advertising a coupon code on their front page doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist! Some sites will have a page dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest coupon codes (Here’s ours: Pure Costumes Coupon Codes). You can also check their Facebook and Twitter pages for promotions. As a last resort, you can use a search engine such as Google to look for them. We list this as a last resort because some third party sites may be harmful to your computer. They are also not as reliable, since you don’t know where they are getting their information, and will often list outdated or expired coupon codes.

With October right around the corner, we hope our tips will help you out and keep you sane. Do you have any other advice for Halloween shopping? Please share in the comments!

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