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Summer Movie Party Series: Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road may be getting lots of rave reviews, but it all started with the original in the 1980s. Before Mel Gibson got weird on everyone, he was one of the top action stars in Hollywood. His bad boy persona in the film Mad Max was just the beginning of his domination as an action hero on the silver screen. For those who want to introduce their friends to the original, or if you just need a refresher for yourself, you can host a fun Mad Max theme party for you and your friends. Just pop in any of the Mad Max movies like the cult classic Road Warrior and get ready for a good time. Give your party a cool, futuristic, steampunk-inspired theme and recreate the vapid wasteland of a post-apocalyptic Australia.

Mad Max Theme Party

Invite everyone to attend dressed in their best “end of the world” attire. This would most likely be a combination of futuristic designs cleverly put created with scarce resources. (Football shoulder pads with feathers, am I right?) Host a costume contest in conjunction with your theme to encourage your friends to participate. If you’re friends are the competitive type, it will be a lot of fun to see what costumes they come up with.

Needless to say, a Mad Max theme party is most suited for adults. With that in mind, we recommend livening up the party with a cocktail hour before the movie begins. Serve some interesting drinks and appetizers with an apocalypse theme. We recommend drinks like “The Four Horsemen” or an “Adios.” (Caution is also recommended because these drinks will get you wasted.)

You can also have some fun party games to entertain your friends. For example, you can save some recyclables and challenge groups to create a weapon. (No hurting each other though.) Or you can do the same concept and create a small model of a car. Again, the theme of this dystopian world is that resources are scarce and innovation is a key part of survival.

With these simple party ideas, you can easily have a great get-together with friends. Do you have a great Mad Max party idea to share? If so, let us know by commenting below!

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