Superman: Man of Steel Movie Premiere

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the premiere of Man of Steel! The newest take on the tale of this timeless superhero is finally here and this time, we’ve got bigger and badder villains! In this film, the evil General Zod, a warmonger from Superman’s home planet of Krypton, comes to Earth in search of our favorite superhero and holds the entire planet ransom. If his demands are not met, the entire earth will face destruction. As always, it’s up to Superman to save all of humanity and you bet we’ll be heading over to the theaters this weekend to find out how it all ends! But in the meantime, we’re celebrating the movie premiere by taking a look at our favorite Man of Steel costumes for the whole family. Read on and pick out your favorite!

The new Man of Steel costumes aren’t in stock yet, but are currently available for pre-order. We know they’re going to be super hot this Halloween, so if you’re a huge Superman fan, you’ll want to reserve yours now! Based on the redesigned uniform, this new take on Superman’s outfit will transform you into a modern-day indestructible hero. If you’re the ultimate Superman fan, then show it proudly with this incredible costume!

Man of Steel Deluxe Superman Adult Costume

One of Superman’s greatest arch-nemesis, the evil General Zod, possesses the same physical traits and abilities as Superman himself. With such strong powers backed by evil motives, General Zod is surely one of the strongest villains Superman has ever faced. With this new villain’s costume, you can give Superman a run for his money!

Man of Steel Deluxe General Zod Adult Costume

We’ve also got costumes for the supporting cast, so you can easily assemble a group costume theme! As the beautiful and dangerous right-hand gal to General Zod, Faora is an evil Kryptonian that takes no prisoners. This vicious villain is in it for Superman and this Halloween, you can be just like her with our sleek Faora costume. On the good side, we’ve got Superman’s natural father, Jor-El. Jor-El was a Kryptonian scientist who had foreseen the destruction of his home planet, which spurred him to send his infant Kal-El to Earth. Though deceased, his wisdom guides Superman throughout the film. This Halloween, you too can become one of the most respected members of Kryptonian society, not to mention Superman’s daddy! Both our Faora and Joe-El outfits are coming very soon, so be sure to bookmark our Superman costumes page and check back!

Now that you’re familiar with the new Man of Steel costumes, have you decided which mighty character you want to transform into this Halloween? These costumes are going to be hot, so don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands on them by pre-ordering now on our website! With costumes for adults and children, we’ve got everyone covered.

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