DIY Super Mario Toad Costume

Super Mario Bros. was the first videogame I ever owned back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was the top of the line gaming system on the market. Well, technically it was more like the Super Mario/Duck Hunt combo game, but Super Mario definitely had better characters. The point is, the Super Mario Bros has one of the greatest legacies in the world of videogames and pop culture and is one of my personal favorites. Thus today, I seek to pay homage to one of the cutest characters in the Super Mario series – Toad. I remember when Toad would jump around all pixel-y and beg for Mario to help save the princess from Bowser. In Super Mario 3 he would even occasionally gift you a cool item like a mushroom or a 1-up. Enough reminiscing, it’s time to get into how to recreate this little humanoid mushroom dressed as a genie and we’re going to show you how.

DIY Super Mario Toad Costume
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The most important part of this look is the Toad costume kit. It includes a mushroom hat and a blue vest with gold trim. With this costume kit, you can essentially mix and match your outfit in a number of different ways to create the same character. Here we matched the Toad costume kit with a beige tank top and white harem pants. Luckily harem pants are in fashion otherwise it may be hard to come by a pair of genie-looking pants. To finish the look we added gold sandals to match the trim of the vest and voila! Instant Toad! You can fix your hair into a couple of pigtails or a neat bun at the base of your neck.

What’s great about this outfit is that it is quick, easy, and completely recognizable! Now convince a couple of your friends to dress as Mario and Luigi and it will be game on. Let us know what you think about this DIY Toad costume by leaving a comment!

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