Infographic: Creepiest Creepypastas

If you are not familiar with the internet term “Creepypasta”, the word is used to describe modern horror stories that have been passed around on internet forums or other websites to frighten readers. Some stories use the same characters over again but in different scenarios (such as Slenderman), while other stories are pretty much copied and pasted exactly as they are (Ben Drowned, Russian Sleep Experiment). Many of these stories or frightening characters have been circulating the internet so long that you don’t have to dig so deep to read about them. We’ve accumulated a list of our top 6 creepiest Creepypasta’s in no particular order:

Infographic Creepiest Creepypastas


Slenderman: Although details may vary depending on who is telling his story, the Slender Man typically is very tall and thin with unnaturally long, tentacle-like arms which he uses to his advantage to frighten or capture his prey. Most Slender Man stories involve him targeting children or young adults, and often have a very mysterious or vague ending

Laughing Jack: Laughing Jack originated as a colorful Jack-in-the-box, whose personality reflected that of their owner. When his owner, Isaac, abandoned him, everything changed. Jack turned monochrome, and eventually took on the same personality that Isaac grew into, a cold-hearted serial killer.

Ben Drowned: Also known as Haunted Majora’s Mask, this story is about a college student who finds an old Nintendo game at a garage sale, and notices something is off when he starts to play. He feels like he is somehow in communication with a spirit of a kid named Ben, who not only messes with the game and his computer, he also messes with his mind.

Jeff the Killer: After getting into a fight that leaves Jeff permanently deformed, he decides to go on a killing spree. Jeff murders his parents, and then creeps into his brother’s room and tells his brother those 3 words that he’s most notorious for, “Go To Sleep” before also murdering his brother.

Eyeless Jack: Eyeless Jack’s origin is unknown, but he is typically described as a person in a black hoodie and an expressionless blue mask with no nose or mouth. Black liquid, or “black blood” drips from his eye sockets behind the mask. In his stories, he is known for stealing a kidney from his victim in the night without being detected.

Russian Sleep Experiment: Also known as “Orange Soda”, this story is about 5 political prisoners that are used for chemical testing in the 1940s Soviet Union. The prisoners are locked in a gas chamber where an airborne stimulant is continually administered for 30 days. A number of days in, the experiment goes awry and various events eventually bring all 5 prisoners to their death.


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