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Spreading the Love

February is only a week away, so if you haven’t even given thought to that lovely holiday yet, it’s definitely time to start!

Here at Pure Costumes, we love holidays. (Actually, anything that gives us a reason to dress up gets automatically put on our “love” list!) Just for fun, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best Valentine’s Day costumes. See below for our picks, or head over to our site for all of our Valentine’s Day Costumes.

Cupid Adult Costume
You can’t possibly find a better symbol for Valentine’s Day than Cupid. This adorable Cupid Adult Costume is just the right combination of cute and fun.

Kiss Me Cupid Adult Costume
Less cutesy, and more sexy? We’ve got that version of Cupid too!

Love Goddess Adult Costume
Here at Pure Costumes, we love our immortals. Be in control of your own destiny this year with our Love Goddess Adult Costume.

Leggy Ladybug Adult Costume
Everyone loves a lovebug, and our Leggy Ladybug Adult Costume is the perfect lovebug for Valentine’s Day.

Kiss the Chef Adult Costume
Cook up some love with the perfect chef costume, and get a kiss while you’re at it!

This is just a small sample of what Pure Costumes has to offer. For more Valentine’s Day ideas, be sure to visit our website. Or, for sexier ideas and Valentine’s Day Lingerie, visit our sister site: Pure Sexy Costumes.

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