2012 Wrap-Up: Counting Down the Best Costumes of the Year

With the year coming to a close, we’re taking some time to look back and remember some of the greatest costumes that brought us through 2012. As always, we pride ourselves on being the most family-friendly costume website around, so naturally, our list includes a variety that ranges in age and category. Read on to relive our top ten highlights in Halloween costumes for the year (list is grouped by category, not by sales).

This year was, without a doubt, another great year for pirates. With increasing popularity of “Talk like a Pirate Day” and the ongoing fandom of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, pirates have never been cooler. With that said, we bring to you the first few costume must-haves of 2012.
Pirate Wench Adult Costume. This year, the ladies could NOT get enough of the swashbucklers. This feisty little getup was a customer favorite all year long with its waist-cinching corset and skirt-hiking garters, and with good reason. This lovely pirate costume accentuates in all the right places!
Spanish Pirate Adult Costume. Another hot item for 2012 was yet another sexy pirate costume – one as fiery as a blazing sea battle! With its gorgeous detailing, this costume sure stands out from the crowd, which is why it has landed its place in our countdown.
Ahoy Matey Toddler Costume. An oldie but goodie, this costume returns to our top sellers list for 2012. This year, it looks like all our pirate moms wanted their little treasures in on the action as well! We couldn’t blame them; a costume this adorable sure is hard to pass up!
Meanwhile, in the world of fantasy, folklore and magic came alive this year with our top-selling fairy tale costumes.
Enchanted Unicorn Child Costume. This new style for 2012 was a huge hit with little girls everywhere! Its colorful pastel ruffles and magical horned hood can turn any girl into a beautiful mystical creature.
Dark Mad Hatter Adult Costume. For the third year in a row, the men were up for a twisted tea party. The ever intriguing Johnny Depp made it cool to go Disney. Add in the gothic detailing, and there’s no surprise that this costume was a winner again this year.
Did some say that jobs were hard to find in this economy? This wasn’t true; at least, not for Halloween! Adults and kids alike tried out a ton of new careers this year with some of our most popular career costumes.
Red Carpet Starlet Child Costume. Little girls got the star treatment and lived out their Hollywood dreams in this lovely gown.
Nascar Kyle Busch Toddler Costume. Tiny Nascar fans just had to get their hands on this awesome costume, even if it meant they had to save up months of allowance for it.
Retro Stewardess Adult Costume. Women got sky-high this year with this lovely vintage inspired stewardess outfit. We’re sure there were plenty of captains out there who were happy to have them on board.
To round out the top two of our list, it seems that kids had plenty of fun getting into action all year long with action-hero type costumes.
Stealth Ninja Child Costume. Don’t underestimate the element of surprise! This costume sold as fast as a ninja can scale a wall!
Pink Power Rangers Child Costume. Boy, there must have been so many Pink Rangers all over the country because we could not keep this item on the shelf! This, without a doubt, is the top licensed costume of the year, and why shouldn’t it be? Girls are learning at a younger age how to take charge!
With 2012 coming to a close, we couldn’t be more excited to see what 2013 has in store for us. Thank you all for making 2012 one of the best years we’ve ever had. We hope that you’ll remember us for your costume needs in the New Year and that everyone has a safe and happy celebration. As always, follow us on Pinterest for a whole new year of the best Halloween costume ideas!

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