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Halloween Decoration Themes To Try

Nowadays, the holidays are so much more fun and festive thanks to the free-flowing ideas of the internet. With many more resources available including free printables, DIY tutorials, and other tips and tricks that many talented people share online, there are so many different ways to celebrate. With that in mind, Halloween is coming and it got us thinking about fun and creative decorating themes for the home. Today, I want to share with you some ideas for fun Halloween decoration themes to try this year.

Pumpkin Patch

Let’s start with something mild. If you’re not into spooky, a pumpkin patch is a fun fall theme to use in your home. You can easily add a charming look to your home with different sized pumpkins and bales of hay stacked and arranged in a kitschy way. Carve up some jack-o-lanterns to light your porch at night and finish the look with a friendly scarecrow to greet your guests.

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown

Vampire’s Feast

This theme is better suited for inside the home. If vampires had a dinner party, what would it look like? For most people, it would look macabre, yet dark and elegant. After all, vampires have a reputation for being seductive. To create this ambience, you can layer dark colors with lace and have lots of candles in elegant candle holders. I would stick with a color theme of black and red. You can also add the occasional bat cleverly placed in odd corners of your home.

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English, has been a tradition in Spanish-speaking countries all throughout Latin America, namely in Mexico. This colorful and festive celebration has a unique flair that is both fun and inviting. If you’ve fallen in love with this aesthetic as many have, you can create the perfect Day of the Dead decorations using traditional symbols like sugar skulls and marigolds. You can also create an ofrenda as a focal point in your home. An ofrenda is basically an alter honoring someone that passed away. They usually include a photo of the deceased along with their favorite food, drink or snacks. You can also add prayer candles and other things that they used to enjoy like their favorite CD or a game they liked to play.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

For lots of people, Halloween is the signal that the holidays are here. For those who love Halloween as much as they love Christmas, why not get the best of both worlds? A Nightmare Before Christmas theme is so apropos since Halloween comes before Christmas. Decorate with a black and white color scheme with contrasting patterns of stripes and patchwork as homage to the two main characters Jack and Sally. Carve famous scenes and characters into your pumpkins and leave them out on the porch. Also, if you have an inflatable Oogie Boogie, blow it up and put it out on your yard! The neighborhood kids will have a blast posing with it!


With these fun decorating themes, Halloween will be much more interesting this year! Which of these themes would you use to decorate this year? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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