Pun Costume Ideas for Halloween 2015

There’s been a big trend over the last couple years as people try to out-do their Halloween costume from the year before. Now it’s not only good enough to have a funny costume, people want unique and clever costumes! That’s why pun costumes have been such a huge hit. Costumes like our “Big Foot” are cracking folks up, but since this is a fairly new genre of costume, we’re giving you some ideas on how to make your own pun costume. Here are some of our favorites for the year.

King’s Cup

Remember that old college drinking game? Well to create the outfit we added a red plastic cup costume and accessorized it with a crown and a scepter. This easy outfit is sure to get the crowd going at your upcoming party.

Pun Costume Ideas - King's Cup
Featuring Item RA6029 and Item D14116, and Item E290223


Deviled Egg

We’ve taken the popular appetizer and heated things up with this next costume idea! Get the look by pairing our devil horn and teeth kit with a fried egg costume for a silly outfit that is sure to please any crowd.

Pun Costume Ideas - Deviled Egg
Featuring Item RA6811 and Item 60406



You may have seen this one floating around the internet as a meme, but now you can easily recreate this delicious anti-hero by matching our Heisenberg costume kit with our cheeseburger outfit.

Pun Costume Ideas - Heisenburger
Featuring Item RA7084 and Item RA4719


El Pollo Loco

To pull off this next look, we suggest taking our chicken costume and the straight jacket costume and combining the two. Since the straight jacket may not likely fit over the body of the chicken costume, just forego it completely and wear the headpiece and leggings with the straight jacket.

Pun Costume Ideas - El Pollo Loco
Featuring Item RA6508 and Item FM63555


Cupcake Wars

Here’s a silly costume idea for kids. Based off TV’s hit bake-off challenge, this costume will put your kid in the trenches. We paired an army helmet with an inflatable machine gun to turn your kid into a formidable challenger.

Pun Costume Ideas - Cupcake Wars
Featuring Item RA9152, Item U25983, and Item SM39512


Chilly Pepper

Last on the list is pretty simple and only takes on costume. Just grab the chili pepper costume and add a scarf from home. The result is a warm pepper!

Pun Costume Ideas - Chilly Pepper
Featuring Item FM74291


Find more funny costumes and accessories over at PureCostumes.com. Do you have a silly pun costume idea that you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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