Infographic: A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels

The new Captain Marvel Movie is almost here! If you’re like most movie-goers, you may have searched Captain Marvel when your first heard of the movie and you may have been confused by all the different people who popped up in the search! That’s because Carol Danvers, the MCU’s newest hero, is not the first Captain Marvel! She’s actually the newest character to take on the mantle. We’ve created A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels to prepare for the movie!

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A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels mar-vell Captain-Marvel-Comics-Starlin-h3
Source: Write Ups
– Introduced: 1967
– Powers: Super Human Strength, speed, endurance, flight, solar energy absorption, Nega-Bands

Mar-Vell, the first Captain Marvel, was originally a Kree spy sent to Earth to decide if the planet would be a threat to the Kree empire. Eventually he falls in love with the planet and decides to protect its people. In 1982, he dies from an incurable cancer he developed after he was exposed to a toxic nerve gas.


Monica Rambeau

A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels monica rambeau
Source: Nostalgia King
Introduced: 1982
Powers: Energy absorption and manipulation, ability to travel at the speed of light and through space while in energy form

Immediately after Mar-Vell’s death in 1982, Marvel introduced Monica Rambeau. Originally a lieutenant from New Orleans, Monica Rambeau began fighting crime as Captain Marvel. An accident left her with the ability to transform into any form of energy. After meeting Mar-Vell’s son, Genis-Vell she gave up the Captain Marvel name to become Photon. She eventually chooses the name Pulsar, after Genis-Vell wins a fight to go by Photon.



Source: Wikipedia
Introduced: 1993
Powers: Genis-Vell: Nega-bands, cosmic awareness

Genis-Vell is the oldest artificially created child of of Mar-Vell and his lover Elysius. He takes on the Captain Marvel mantle after Monica Rambeau meets him and decides Mar-Vell’s child should be the one to carry the name. Later, after going insane, he decides to take the name Photon and wins a huge fight with Monica so he can take the name. Soon after he is defeated in a fight with Baron Zemo, broken into pieces, and spread out across the universe.



Source: Wikipedia
Introduced: 2003
Powers: Phyla-Vell: superhuman strength, energy blasts, flight, energy absorption

Phyla-Vell is the youngest artificially created child of of Mar-Vell and his lover Elysius and Genis-Vell’s sister. She took the Captain Marvel name from her brother when he went insane. She fought alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corp. She disappeared when she became trapped in the Soul Stone to save her Guardians friends.



A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels noh varr
Source: Fandom
Introduced: 2000
Powers: Enhanced physiology

Noh-Varr was a Kree soldier that S.H.I.E.L.D. shot down and later used to carry out missions. After leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., Mar-Vell impersonator Khn’nr convinced him to take on the mantle of Captain Marvel and join the Dark Avengers. After realizing the Dark Avengers were all villians, Noh-Varr left them and went by “Marvel Boy”. Noh-Varr’s character made history when it was announced he would be one of Marvel’s few bisexual characters.


Carol Danvers

A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels carol danvers
Source: Fandom
Introduced: 1968 as Carol Danvers, 2012 as Captain Marvel
Powers: superhuman strength, speed, endurance, energy projection and absorption, flight

When Carol Danvers is first introduced she is a merely a military officer that Mar-Vell saves in a blast. We don’t see her again until she is reintroduced in 1977 as Ms. Marvel after receiving superpowers from the blast. In the blast, her DNA merged with Mar-Vell’s turning her into a human-Kree hybrid. She goes on to fight alongside The Avengers, The Defenders, Spider-Man and Iron Man. In 2012, she became the newest hero to take on the Captain Marvel title.


Captain Marvel aka Shazam

A Guide to the Most Notable Captain Marvels shazam
Source: Newsarama

Confused? DC Comics’ Shazam was first known as Captain Marvel. He’s completely unrelated to Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel characters. Get out of here DC, this is Marvel’s article.



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