5 New Fan Theories About “The Last Jedi”

5 New Fan Theories About "The Last Jedi"

Earlier this year, after the teaser trailer for “The Last Jedi” was released, we posted a few fan theories about the upcoming movie. Now that the full trailer has dropped and the release date is almost here, there are dozens of new theories making their way across the internet! Here are a few of my favorite.

Rey goes to The Darkside

Previously, most theories about Rey had to do with her family and where she came from. While there are still many more theories popping up about her heritage, new theories are appearing questioning her loyalty to the light. A moment in the trailer appears to show Rey reaching out to Kylo Ren for help saying, “I need someone to show me my place in all of this.” Many fans believe this could be a sign of Rey questioning the light and falling under Kylo’s influence.

Leia has a nice send-off

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is what will happen to Leia? After the death of Carrie Fisher this past year, many fans are wondering how it will be handled in the film. While the trailer for The Last Jedi shows a possible standoff between Kylo Ren and Leia, many are wondering if her character will die in this film. Multiple fans have posted their wishes for this film and are hoping Leia is given a nice send-off. Some options have included her going off on a journey, or a more permanent yet unknown option such as going into some sort of force coma. Either way, Star Wars fans are extremely curious to see how the writers have handled their beloved princess.

Luke will die

Luke is known as The Last Jedi, but if he trains Rey, won’t that make her a Jedi too? The most popular theory is that Luke will turn to The Darkside, making Rey the last Jedi, but now many fans are believing Luke is actually going to die! The theory is mostly for practical reasons. Han Solo is dead, and Leia will most likely be gone from the franchise after this movie so it would make sense to have the last of the original trio make an exit as well. But many also say it will help move the story along, by making Rey the last Jedi, and bringing the new trio (Rey, Finn, and Poe) to the forefront.

Kylo Ren is being used by Snoke

After “The Force Awakens”, fans flooded the internet with theories about Kylo Ren. The most popular being that Kylo is actually a double agent fighting for the light side! While many fans continue to argue this theory, fans have now gotten the idea that Kylo actually is evil but Supreme Leader Snoke is using him! Snoke is still the most mysterious character of the new trilogy and we don’t know much about his story or where he came from. We can tell from looking at him that he is very old and possibly sick and dying. The new theory suggests that Snoke is grooming Kylo to be able to transfer his essence and posses Kylo’s body. It sounds like a plot straight out of Naruto, but many fans think it’s very plausible!


Like many other fans, I am excited to see if any of these theories are true and will be at opening night to be among the first to find out!

What are your favorite Star Wars fan theories? Tell us below!



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