Myths About Full Moons

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Full moons bring a creepy edge to any night. This year Halloween happens to fall on the night of a full moon! Along with werewolves (jk), the full moon also brings in loads of myths and beliefs. In honor of the Halloween being on the full moon, we’re sharing the top three myths related to the full moon.

Myth 1: Full Moons Cause Craziness

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For centuries people have believed that the full moon has an affect on the mind. In fact, the word ‘lunatic’ comes from the Roman moon goddess, Luna. Fear of the moon even affected architecture. In 19th century Europe, homes would have a thatched roof that hung low over the windows. This is because people believed that if the moon’s light fell on you while you were sleeping, you would go crazy.

What’s the reason for this myth?

According to science, the moon has an affect on the Earth’s water. You can see this in the ocean’s tides. Since the human brain is made up of over 70% water, it makes sense to believe a full moon would have some sort of effect on your mind. Although many people believe it, science tells us the full moon has no actual affect on our brains.

Myth 2: Full Moons Cause Crime and Accidents

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If you work in law enforcement or the medical field, you’ve probably been told to prepare for more crime or a busier hospital on the full moon. The belief is that the full moon affects the mind making people more likely to commit crimes, participate in risky activities, or have a mental breakdown. This belief may be wildly held but there’s no real evidence showing that it is true. Studies completed to find trends in crime have found no correlation to the full moon and the amount of crime.

What’s the reason for this myth?

Historians link crimes and accidents to full moons for one reason: more light! Before well lit streets became as common as they are now, the full moon offered more light for night prowlers to see while committing crimes. The extra light also connects to the amount of accidents. For example, there is a higher rate of motorcycle accidents on the full moon. This is most likely because there are more distractions visible due to the extra moonlight.

Myth 3: Full Moons Increase Fertility and Induce Labor

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Another full moon belief is its connection to fertility. It is said that before pregnancy, humans are most likely to ovulate on a full moon, and menstruate on a new moon. In fact the word ‘menstruation’ comes from the Latin and Greek words for ‘moon’. Many also believe that women are more likely to go into labor during the full moon. You may hear many midwives, doulas, or doctors swear that the maternity ward seems to be packed during the full moon, but studies find no correlation.

What’s the reason for this myth?

The moon cycle is 28 days and the human menstrual cycle is also 28 days, so many people believe there is a correlation between the two. As for going into labor, many believe that the gravitational pull of the full moon will make a woman’s water break and induce labor.

Even though all of these myths have not been proven true, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the full moon as an excuse to have an extra spooky Halloween this year!

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