Exciting Masquerade Masks for your Holiday Ball

Got a masquerade ball to attend this month? We wouldn’t be surprised. With charity events and New Year’s Eve parties and everything in between, chances are, you might have a masquerade soiree to appear at! Well lucky for you, we’ve prepared for this very moment by adding over one hundred new styles to our website! Though we love them all, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite collections. Check them out and let us know which ones you liked by leaving a comment at the end of the blog!

Grecian Masquerade Masks
Last year, we added Greek-inspired masquerade masks to our selection and, boy, were they a hit! These stylish men’s masks were the perfect alternative to a simple masquerade disguise. Naturally, we’ve expanded our selection to give you more options than ever! We’ve even added styles for women to create a perfect match.

Guilded Grecian Mask (Buy)
God of Olympus Mask (Buy)

Laser-Cut Masquerade Masks
While the Greek masks were popular with the men, the laser-cut metal masks made a huge impression with the ladies. This year, we’ve more than doubled our selection with styles that vary in color and design. From metallic color schemes to bright, vivid hues, you’ll want to have them all!

Winged Angel Venetian Mask (Buy)
Empress Divine Venetian Mask (Buy)

Opera Masks
This year, we’ve brought in a new collection of opera masks inspired by the Baroque period. Many feature a marbleized façade and metallic color schemes to reflect the grandeur often associated with the time period. With styles made for men and women, you can incorporate an antique feel to your masquerade look.

Royal Phantom Mask (Buy)
Angel of Music Mask (Buy)

Day of the Dead Masks
The last collection we wanted to feature is probably the most exciting! With the growing popularity of the festive holiday, Dia de los Muertos, these gorgeous masks will be a great addition to your celebration! You’ll see the extravagant designs and attention to detail in these great examples below!

La Calavera Catrina Mask (Buy)
Calavera Mask (Buy)

With an even greater variety of masquerade masks at your fingertips, how could you not be excited about your upcoming event? If you loved these styles, be sure to check out the entire selection on our website. Until next time, we’re wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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