DC Fandome Recap

This past Saturday, DC held their first ever DC Fandome event. DC Fandome was a 24 hour virtual event full of panels, sneak peeks, and big announcements similar to Comic Con! We’ve rounded up some of the biggest announcements from Saturday’s event.


Justice League: Snyder Cut

We finally have a trailer for the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League! After Zack Snyder was cut from the Justice League movie late into filming, fans demanded DC release his completed version of the film. After announcing the Snyder Cut would be released on HBO in 2021, DC mostly teased us with clips and images from the cut. Now we finally have a full trailer! This trailer is packed with Easter eggs and footage from the original movie trailer that ended up being cut from the movie.

The Batman

The long awaited first teaser at The Batman is here! Fans were a little hesitant to learn Robert Pattison of Twilight fame would be the new Bruce Wayne. After DC released the first images of Pattinson in the Batman suit, fans were curious. Now the new trailer has everyone excited! The trailer also gives us our first look at Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

Wonder Woman Trailer

DC Fandome also gave us a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. The film, which was supposed to come out this past June, was delayed due to COVID-19. This new trailer definitely keeps the fans excited by answering the major question: “Will we see Cheetah’s full form in the movie?” The answer is: YES!

The Flash News

DC Fandome flash-jpeg
Source: DC Fandome

The Flash movie finally has some new news! DC revealed an all new suit for Barry Allen for his upcoming solo film. DC also let us know that Ben Affleck will return as Batman for the movie and he will have a significant and emotional role. This news leaves fans wondering what could possibly happen in this movie!

Shazam News

DC announced the release date and title for Shazam 2. Shazam: Fury of the Gods will be released November 4, 2022. In related Shazam news, DC announced the Black Adam spin-off movie. starring Dwayne Johnson, with a cool, concept art trailer. Black Adam is scheduled to open December 22, 2021.

The Suicide Squad

James Gun’s sequel/soft reboot of Suicide Squad finally has some news! DC released a teaser trailer introducing the new all star cast, their characters, and costumes.

A behind the scenes featurette posted to Twitter reveals a look on set and a look at the new costumes!


Titans and The Flash Renewed


DC Fandome Titans-e1598139857211
Source: DC Universe

Titans was renewed for season 3 on the DC Universe Streaming service. The new season will include new characters Barbara Gordon and Nightwing.

Despite the fact that filming has not been able to resume due to COVID-19, the trailer for The Flash season 7 came out this weekend. Fans are surprised but happy to see the show continue so soon.

Video Games

DC and Rocksteady Games announced the new Suicide Squad video game, Kill the Justice League. In this game, the heroes are the bad guys! The Suicide Squad must take down Although the game isn’t scheduled to come out until 2022, there’s already a super fun four minute trailer that has fans eager for the release.

DC released a trailer for the 2021 game Gotham Knights. Now that Batman is dead, it’s up to the Bat Family to protect Gotham.

DC’s first ever Fandome event was full of all the awesome news we missed out on at Comic Con! We’re all excited to see all the amazing things DC will bring us over the next couple of years.



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