New Superhero Costumes by Rubies

If you follow our blog, you know that we talk about superheroes all year long. Now that Halloween is here, you can be that our eyes are on our new superhero costumes for 2015. This year, Rubies won the manufacturing rights for both Marvel and DC Comics and through their production and design, have created some awesome new superhero costumes for the year. Here are some of our favorites.

Superhero Onesies for Babies

These adorable superhero onesies are perfect for baby’s first Halloween. Featuring popular DC characters, there are lots of cute styles for both boys and girls.

New Superhero Costumes - Batman Infant Costume
Batman Infant Costume

Avengers: Age of Ultron Costumes

From one of the hottest films of 2015, Rubies has created a new line of Avengers costumes and accessories complete with new characters such as Ultron and Vision. On top of that, the designs of the Avenger squad have been updated to reflect the changes seen in the film!

New Superhero Costumes - Deluxe Hulkbuster Child Costume
Avengers 2 Deluxe Hulkbuster Child Costume

Superhero Pets

Rubies has an entire line dedicated to pets so naturally, they’ve added some super-powered pups to the mix. This year, there are so many new superhero pet costumes for you to choose from including this fun style below.

New Superhero Costumes - Thor Pet Costume
Thor Pet Costume

Classic Marvel Superheroes

On top of that, they’ve added more new styles for Marvel including Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm. These comic book favorites are now among the many characters you can dress up as this Halloween!

New Superhero Costumes - Storm Adult Costume
Storm Adult Costume

Now that there are so many more choices, it will be hard to pick a character to suit up as, but we know you’re up for the challenge. Which of these costumes can you see yourself in this Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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